Saturday 14 April 2012

To whose benefit?

Sometimes I think to myself, "What should I write about today?" Sometimes it's hard to get wound up by much and it's always good to take a day off... which is what I'd planned, until I read what this rabid Marxist twonk has been saying. The comments were made some time ago, but apparently, he stands by them.

Serwotka says:

"I ain't condemning anyone who has to take a second job because they can't pay the bills because of the crap levels of benefits in this country." On the subject of taxing the higher earners he says: "They are the scroungers, they are the people we should chase for every last penny." And he urges that, "Strikes are inevitable. Mass strikes are the best way to lead this movement, to resist and to defend our communities."

Well, it's so refreshing to see it all out in the open. Let me get this straight. By this sort of logic it would be fine to turn to burglary if the benefits you get paid merely for breathing won't stretch to the home cinema set-up you covet. Similarly, squatting is absolutely okay because it is so difficult for people without a purpose in life to save enough out of their benefits to buy a nice big house. And the solution to the abhorrent practice of the higher earners directly funding our literally incredible welfare system is to do your best to wreck their livelihoods?

And there, laid bare, is the entire economic argument on the left. Nobody should be allowed to profit from superior abilities or outstanding work ethic, or even, it would seem their thrift. No, instead they must continue to graft to generate wealth, pay a far higher than fair share of their income in taxes and then stand up to be regularly vilified as the villains of the piece. Orwell's two-minute hate has become a continuous background whine of envy - lurid green-noise - and a more irritating sound you'd be hard pressed to find.

So what will we see in Utopian Socialist Britain in fifty years time? Nobody able to read above the level of the lowest. Nobody allowed to run faster than the very slowest. Everybody enjoying exactly the same level of health - asthmatic, bow-legged and cancer-ridden, presumably?

So, this is what we should do. If you have a job, if you want to pay your own way, if you believe in the freedom to decide how your tax is spent, follow me to the United Dingdom and leave the real scroungers to starve. Because, I believe it's been shown many times over, that is exactly what happens to communists.

And then, back in Blighty, Ken Livingstone will be the only 'rich bastard' left to be harangued for avoiding taxes. (Because he certainly isn't welcome over here.)

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