Friday 13 April 2012

Stamp this out!

Around the world today people have died in armed conflict, people have been beaten to death and many more have suffered privation and loss due to a lack of food, lack of care or lack of an adequate  system to maintain normal, decent standards.

Here at home it’s been revealed that the numbers of children taken into care have risen dramatically following the disastrous and disturbing ‘Baby P’ business of last year. Education is, as ever, in turmoil. ‘The rich’ is getting richer while ‘the poor’ is getting drunk and the NHS can’t cope. Civil servants are quitting in record numbers due to low morale and the inexorable and sinister rise of Islam-UK is getting ever closer to precipitating the civil war they clearly relish.

On top of all that it’s Friday 13th.

The labour party - the official opposition - should be… well, they should be saying, “Down with this sort of thing!” They should be putting their foot down and making hay while the coalition appears to stumble into one disaster after another. It’s almost as if the script has been written especially for them. Time and opportunity to really stamp home your poorly-constructed, uncosted lefty point!

So it is risible, no, downright hilarious, that Ian Murray, the shadow postal affairs minister (I know! Me neither!) has told the Guardian that he intends to write to Ofcom, urging it to investigate “shameless profiteering at the public’s expense” by Royal Mail.

Labour's can't-lose election campaign stamp

Way to go Labour! That’ll get the capitalist running dogs quaking in their boots. That'll increase your turnout at the next election you lose. Murray says that the most disadvantaged in our society will be worst hit by this move. For fuck’s sake, the most disadvantaged – your supposed core vote - barely know how to lick a stamp, let alone understand what they are supposed to be used for.

Is the labour party so out of touch with ordinary people that this really is the best it can do? Or is it so distressed by the extraordinary hypocrisy of one of their favourite sons, Red Ken, that they will grasp at any desperate straw to draw attention away from him. Read this: Ken’s crocodile tears.

It has to be the latter. Vote for Ken - if you want lies, corruption, tax evasion... and a beacon of Islam for the capital of our once proud country.

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  1. You are so right Bry, we should stamp out this haste.