Sunday 22 April 2012

In the heat of the night

She lay in the dark, barely breathing. His breath was harsh and ragged and stank of drink. She was terrified, but if she stayed still, she reasoned, if she made no fuss, maybe he wouldn’t hurt her. She shut her eyes and concentrated on fighting the fear, controlling the tremors that threatened to engulf her body. She did not even sob.

He was drunk. Of course he was. Wasn’t that always the way? It wasn’t right, he knew that. He knew if he was caught he’d end up in prison. And worse; he would lose his reputation, his job. Everything would come crashing down in one enormous shit storm.

But that wouldn’t happen, would it? Not with this one. He picked his victims with care, knowing that his enforced attentions would be a mere blip in her life’s emotional journey. Tonight would hardly register, compared to what she had experienced.

Because Jamelia had undergone genital mutilation as a child. This abhorrent practice is utterly alien to British sensibilities yet is regarded as normal by an unacceptably large portion of our unnaturally diverse population. But, according to the doctrine of multiculturalism, it is entirely wrong to expect people who dwell in these isles to abide by our laws.

We’re not talking about just the provision of halal chapatti facilities or allowing people wearing masks to take driving tests here. We’re talking about the intimate physical mutilation of terrified young girls, Girls who will later go on to be effectively sold into sexual slavery as brides of men literally ten times their age.

There is no such thing as successful multiculturalism. Monoculturalism is what makes a nation. That and tolerance for a certain amount of diversity and difference and recognition of other cultural norms. But, if you go to parts of Birmingham, Bradford, Leicester or London, it's like taking a trip back in time. In MY country, certain cultures have been allowed to create third-world shitholes with no civilised rules at all. It's tribal, it's stone-age, it's primitive and it has no place in what used to be the most enlightened country in the world.

From the Islamification of Britain, to the adoption of crippling EU constraints on our freedom, we appear to have lost the very simple battle to keep Britain British. Becry the plethora of anti-British claptrap we have to put up with and we are branded racist.

Well, fuck right off with your knee-jerk labels, you fucking lefty idiots. You're the racists for wanting to deny me any rights in my own birthplace. Whilst I’m wary of the motives of any group appropriating the precious flag of my country, today is St George’s Day and groups such as the EDL are absolutely entitled to hold their peaceful March for England, as they did yesterday in Brighton. Of course it would have been peaceful, except for the blatant provocation of the Union Against Fascism, doing their best to provoke violence and turn the event into a hate-fest.

So, what do you want? A common national identity, with allowance for differences, as espoused by all right-thinking people, some of whom revere our flag? Or the multiculturalist agenda for total control over your thoughts and deeds, who would criminalise you for being afraid of a black man, but would turn a blind eye to the routine mutilation of his sisters?

 Be fucking careful what you wish for, you traitors.

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