Thursday 29 November 2012

Pressing On



I got a story... what's it worth?

Can't say... what's it about?

Daren't say.

Okay... If I print it, will anybody go to jail?


If anybody were to go to jail... would it bring down the government?

I've said too much already. This could get me killed.

When you say 'me' who do you mean?

You'll have to guess.

Can I quote you on that?


News Today. A judge, whose name might rhyme with Ryan Meveson may have proposed a change to the way in which press freedom is controlled... or not. I really couldn't comment. The rest of this story has been censored edited while the authors are being hunted down for clarity and then lined up against a wall and shot and accuracy the dirty, lying, low-life motherfuckers. Thank you for your patience. Die you journalist scum.

And now fuck off the weather...