Thursday 29 November 2012

Witch Project

Somebody today asked me, "Who the hell does Tony Blair think he is?" Bloody good question; clearly he doesn't regard himself as a mere fallible mortal, having fallen for the conceit of many a leader - believing his own PR. Untouchable.  Now I'm no bible basher but Matthew 7:16 appears to be apposite: "By their fruits ye shall know them." let's have a look at this particular Blairite bunch of grapes...

An unapologetic enthusiast for an enlarged, engorged European super state, who opened up the borders to unrestricted immigration and the subsequent displacement of hundreds of thousands of youngsters from entry-level jobs and thus from any chance of fulfillment? Reciting the mantra "education, education, education" who presided over a sustained erosion of education such that few of today's teachers would be worthy of the mere five O Levels they would have needed forty years ago, yet have qualifications they call degrees that are nothing more than socialist dogma disguised as erudition?

In the name of that same edu-dumbination, during whose term of office did the systematic downgrading of state education create over three thousand alternative subjects of study masquerading as qualifications to persuade young illiterates that they were worthy of a pointless university education and that remaining in school for a third of your life was a good thing?

Under whose watch did the noble aim of health and safety at work become a by-word for interfering non-job creation, instilling a fear of common sense and creating an entire industry founded on the premise that Big Brother knows best how you should take every working step? Much of the same thing happened to turn the largely crackpot green energy enthusiasts into iconoclastic world experts predicting the end of the planet and promoting the new religion of "do as you're told or we'll make you the enemy"? Has anybody noticed how much cheaper your energy is now that so much of it is produced by German wind turbines?

Who deregulated the licensing of alcohols sales so that twenty-four-hour, pissed-up party people have rendered the police barely capable of containing Friday night, let alone the rest of the week?  Who presided over the systematic criminalisation of society such that every action, every utterance, every opinion expressed is a potentially actionable offence? Who turned thought-crime into a real crime?

Who proposed that we compound the idle sickness of sloth with ready access to free money and round-the-clock gambling and who was more concerned with the prospect of legacy than of history? Some legacy; mountains of personal debt, fatherless children, state-owned lives, the culture of entitlement, the loss of individual responsibility, free speech, free press and any worthwhile prospects. Doublethink, thought crime, newspeak... Orwell was writing a warning, not an instruction manual. Double plus ungood.

And now, after lining his nest with mink and gold he has the audacity to say that withdrawal from the increasingly monolithic Soviet Socialist EU Republic would be disastrous. Yes it would be a setback in his bid for the presidency, wouldn't, it? Or do you still believe that nice Mr Blair has your interests at heart. Remember this poster? Doesn't look so far-fetched now, does it?

In January 1997, the Conservative Party tried to warn you. During his term in office the press repeatedly tried to warn you. More recently David Icke tried to warn you - and if David Icke is starting to look sane what does that say about the state of the world of politics? Too late to say it now... but I told you so.


  1. Salutations, future King!
    Harriet of @HarrietHorace twitter fame here; I've come off the twitter as I was getting sod all done whilst I was on it. I may even find the time now to type a blog entry or two...but who knows? Warmest, sunniest, near infernal regards to both your good self and your fair lady friend!
    Harriet Allen :-)
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