Monday 26 November 2012

Secret Santa

Well the big story of the weekend was, of course, the UKIP babies, or should that be not the UKIP babies? Joyce Thacker - head of Rotherham's Children's Services - defended her decision to remove three 'ethnic' children from the foster care of evil racists who, in common with half the British population believe Britain would be better off out of the EU and that the separation of immigrants into monocultural ghettoes is a bad thing.

That would be same Joyce Thacker mentioned in page 81 of the document explaining the pilot ‘Local Links’ programme, run by Common Purpose in West Yorkshire, then? Indeed yes, prompting me to launch an ad-hoc search over the weekend to find out more about just what the flying fuck Common Purpose actually is.

Linked with extreme left wing views, or Communism to give it its officially recognised title, CP appears on the same frothing loony interweb conspiracy pages as the Fabians, Demos, The Bilderbergers, Skull & Bones and David Icke. look them up, but please do so with your tinfoil hat on.

Many recognise such organisations in the same way they see the Moonies, the Branch Davidians, the Manson Family and Scientology. But wait, surely not cuddly Tom Cruise and twinkle-toed John Travota? They wouldn't harm us?  No way! But maybe, just maybe, yes-way... What if all these conspirators are working together? What if, double bluff, they represent themselves as mad but not bad? Essentially harmless.

The aim of Common Purpose seems to be to spread instability, to ignore and override democracy, to take power away from the people and to spread the poisonous tentacles of unchallenged Socialism throughout the land; throughout the world. But surely, that could never work, could it? People are way too savvy to be taken in - that's what 'they' tell us, just before taking us in. Socialism sounds nice and fluffy and caring and egalitarian but it has never worked and in any country where it has been tried the population has had to resort to revolution to break free of its boundless generosity.

Surely in essentially Conservative Britain Common Purpose would be more aptly named Cross Purposes and have no effect on a healthily cynical nation. And yet... In the 1980s I hired an ex-police sergeant who told me, to no great surprise that the police voted "Tory to a man"; his words. But now, it seems, the majority vote in the police force is for Labour, most of whose leadership has connections with some of the wack-job Marxist organisations mentioned above. Is this the result of concerted efforts to shift their perceptions and allegiances?

Certainly many of the opponents of CP talk about their 're-alignment' sessions and courses. Owen Jones loves to talk about the demonisation of what he fondly likes to refer to as the working class, but what about the demonisation of everybody who aspires to create wealth? What about the systematic use of 'diversity' and 'awareness' and 'inclusion' terminology over the last twenty years, making it an offense to utter anything that somebody else dislikes? Where once British fair play held sway we now have play fair by edict.

So, maybe David Icke's lizard theory doesn't seem so far fetched now? My initial 'investigation' has thrown up all sorts of connections, tentacles, dodgy dealings and the like and while I'm still loathe to believe that humans are capable of being that clever I know they are entirely capable of being that devious. And where does it all stop? As more and more decisions are made that defy the overt will of the people. As the costs of government rise and rise and rise with no discernible purpose. As political correctness makes criminals of us all before we even open our mouths, you have to wonder if there isn't something sinister going on.

We are ready for them!

But it's okay because we are protected by friendly aliens in the sky with special plasma lasers which will shield us from harm. Yet there is one looming threat to which nobody seems alert. Christmas is just around the corner; an event so insidiously inserted into the nation's psyche that few are able to resist its persistent urges to spend money we haven't got, on products we don't want for people we don't really like all that much. If you think the EU is a plot then wait for this bombshell...

Santa is an anagram of Satan! (Dons tinfoil hat.)


  1. Most of us who work in the private sector will never run into Common Purpose alumni. There is little requirement within wealth-and-job-creation for £75k-a-year meeting-attenders.

    1. Maybe true, but the state has been getting bigger and bigger, funded by your taxes. So beware the uncommon intentions of CP.