Monday, 19 January 2015

F. A. B.

Well who would have thought that International Rescue had their very own conference – and popular too, given the trending of the #fab15 hashtag. F.A.B. Virgil! Of course I jest; the Fabians are about as far removed from harmless entertainment – hilarious though their adherents are – as Pol Pot and Idi Amin in their heyday. The guiding principle of the Fabians has always been this: What is the point of intellectual superiority over the lower orders if you don’t use it to decide how they should live their lives?

In their early years they even advocated enforced sterilisation or humane execution of those deemed unfit for the new world order of compliant humanoids. (So they're not ALL bad...) Today, although the distinctly fascist rhetoric has been toned down, they still behave true to their emblem; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Yesterday on the Sunday Politics, Harriet Harman gamely pressed on against the opinion of pretty much all the world’s informed commentators and denied Britain’s economic recovery. The important thing was that Labour has decided that poor people don’t ‘feel’ better off and they will damned well keep telling them that until they actually start to feel it.

Coincidently, following on from the ‘don’t talk about de darkies’ instruction, Labour’s latest order to its door-steppers – robustly denied of course – is don't talk about the economy. In rebuttal a party spokesman said, "It's utter nonsense to suggest, on the day that Ed Miliband has delivered a 30 minute speech on the economy, that Labour is not talking about the economy.” Funny how Ed himself ‘forgot’ to mention the economy at the party conference… Surely nobody who has the intellectual competence to earn a wage could possibly trust Labour with the country’s finances.

Labour appears to believe they are stronger on health and housing yet under the last Labour government neither of these policy areas showed any improvement whatsoever; if anything both sectors declined. But in politics perception is everything so it is little surprise that there appears to have been a plot to sabotage Hinchingbrooke, a privately run NHS hospital. All was going well, apparently, until the Politburo policy unit decided it could be spun as a Tory failure. This is disingenuity in the extreme when you discover that Hinchingbrooke was handed over to private tender in 2008. By Labour.

The true aims of Fabians have always been, much like islam, domination; subjugation of the working classes under the guise of fighting for their welfare. Such is their intent to hold onto power that those who pulled Tony Blair’s strings must have been cock-a-hoop over Johns Smith’s premature death, allowing the party to occupy the soft-Conservative position under the neologism of New Labour. In contrast the Tories – despite the Eton dynasty rhetoric – look like mere amateurs in the power grab stakes.

The Brains of the operation

Judging by the level of rapture tweeted by the party faithful from #fab15 I wonder if the Labour Party itself realises it is just a tool in the hands of the big money Fabians who still rule the roost? The conference was ended with a speech by Owen Jones, the boy wonder of the Oxford educated ‘working class’. With such useful fools so readily to hand it makes you wonder why they need sheep’s clothing at all. 

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