Monday, 12 January 2015

Terror in the streets

I can understand the urge to join the Paris “Je suis Charlie” rally; hell I’d probably pop out to the streets myself if I lived there, if only to see what so many people looked like all in one place. But I’m not sure what it was really meant to achieve, nor whether it will achieve anything lasting at all. A show of solidarity, yes, but what does that actually mean? Today, everybody goes back to work and despite all the solidarity, they all feel a notch less safe in any public place. If anything that same feeling of ‘them and us’ might actually fuel the fear; make the monster bigger.

I have no other answer and I am certainly not criticising the vast majority of ordinary citizens who turned out, but there was a significant minority who were there only for their own ends. Those cringing apologists for savagery, the socialistas, who appeal for an end to ‘islamophobia’ by denying the very free speech most wanted the gathering to celebrate. These parasites will write about how they were there and how they helped to save the world even as they are savagely attacking the next target group for defending themselves against cultures beyond criticism.

Predictably, another hated minority who don’t represent the real citizens were also there; the European Politburo. The normal rules don’t apply to these fanatics who claim to act in the interests of the people yet only ever appear to act for themselves and their sinister cult. The EUists have blood on their hands because it is down to their dogged pursuit of something almost nobody believes in that we are where we are now. By unquestioningly following the dogma of ever closer union they have stifled debate and stamped on dissent.

The very same ‘leaders’ who just a few days ago were attacking Nigel Farage for using the tragedy as a political tool used this march as a massive political photo opportunity to make the case for ‘more of the same’. When Farage stated in plain terms what most people who have to live with the outcome of their policies in the future killing fields of Europe believe he was accused of racism, of being inappropriate.  All the United Kingdom’s main parties lined up for the political opportunity to wag the finger at Farage… and then went on to attempt to exploit the tragedy for their own further cynical ends.

The terrorists are not attacking us over foreign policy. They are not fighting back against ‘islamophobia’ and the ill treatment of muslims in Europe – they are treated far better here than in islam’s own territories, after all. They are not even attacking us to take what we have. But what they are doing is killing and killing and killing like maniacs and however many times supposedly freely elected talking heads say it has nothing to do with islam, those committing these acts of war say it is everything to do with islam. Today we go back to work and they go back to doing absolutely nothing to convince us they are on any side but their own.

Please, please don't make me eat that cock in public...
I can suck as much terrorist cock as you, Cameron!

But look on the bright side. If we must be represented by a sneering, cynical member of an out of touch, privileged elite, at least it was David Cameron flying Britain’s feeble little flag. Whatever you think of him, he does at least have the bearing of a statesman on these occasions. Just imagine what the terrorists might make were we to be represented in our fight against terror by Ed Miliband?

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  1. Here here ! and where was everyone 3 days ago when 20,000 in Nigeria were butchered