Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie

You feel it, don’t you? After the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris you feel, despite all your liberal instincts, a little bit of hatred. Well take that little tiny bit and imagine it growing like a tumour in your brain until it dominates your thoughts and all you wish for is killing and dismembering and beheading and blood and you too can feel the glory of jihad. Once again the religion of we-will-blow-you-into-a-thousand-pieces has demonstrated its right to free speech. It said that god was good and that his prophet had been avenged. The only trouble was that before it spoke these free words this ‘tiny and unrepresentative’ minority had once more slaughtered in the name of a savage and barbarous fairy tale.

The media talks about freedom of speech and that we in the west still have it. Do we? For how long have we been admonished as ‘islamophobic’ whenever we have expressed our genuine beliefs that islam poses a threat to our peace and stability? Perversely, it is those who seek to prevent free speech who have been granted the freedom to spout hate and threaten violent death. This ‘tiny minority’ who do not represent ‘true islam’ appear to number in their hundreds of thousands. And while our expressions of fear have been denounced as racism, their ‘right’ to incite to kill has been protected almost manically.

Already there are voices seeking to excuse the killings as somehow a reaction to western aggression or else an aberration which has ‘nothing to do with islam’. They are ‘lone wolves’ acting outside the observance of their peaceful texts, or they are somehow disturbed and have been ‘radicalised’ and do not act in the name of allah. But that’s just not true is it? If it is a minority then there must be several thousand times more muslims in the world than we previously thought. If they are ‘lone wolves’ they curiously appear to hunt in packs.

The populations of many European countries have stood and watched, mouths agape, as so-called leaders have repeatedly bent over backwards in an effort to avoid provoking the religion of thin skins. And this policy of appeasement has helped, how, exactly? Already conspiracy theorists are inventing false flag ops intended to whip up anger in the indigenous; maybe this is what the government want, they say, lynch-mob action rather than the application of state force?

Others are saying this is like Nazi Germany before WWII, with tracts like fictional anti-Semitic Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion being resurrected and used to evangelise the general population against the Jews. But it isn’t. The Jews were never openly threatening to kill all non-Jews and then carrying out those non-existent threats. They weren’t declaring the intention to kill their way to a worldwide Zion. We are NOT ‘sleep-walking into Nazism. This time we are the oppressed and we are the ones being made to suffer. The muslims want nothing less than world domination – THEY are the Nazis here.

They don’t want free speech? Well sod them, they have it and we shouldn’t try to deny them it. But what is sauce for the gander is sauce for the rest of us geese and we should wrest back our full rights to freedom of expression. We should be free to say how much islam frightens us and we should not be compelled to integrate with them just as they won’t integrate with us. We should be allowed to freely and openly refuse to trade with their businesses, refuse to employ them and refuse to insist their children are given a full British education (for what it’s worth). We should be free to turn down their mosque planning requests and investigate their illegal actions without prejudice or the fear of being criminalised as racist.

Come and get me, camel fuckers!

For every jihadi out there, there must be a number of those mythical moderate muslims, if they truly do exist. They know who the bad guys are. If they really ARE acting contrary to the faith they hold so dear then they should be good citizens and either deal with them or hand them over. Until these moderates show themselves and demonstrate what they say they really stand for the only version of the koran we can see is the one with all the killing in it. If there really is a different truth behind all the violence then show us it or accept that if islam is not with us then it really is against us.


  1. An inspired -- and inspiring post, Batsby. My sincere thanks, and with tears in my eyes I say, along with millions of others, 'Je suis Charlie.'

    God bless you, sir.

  2. Someone else who doesn't get it! Why no mention of the fact that our government has been allowing these people in by the million? Our government has been pandering to their beliefs while stamping on ours. Our people continue to vote in Labour and Tory governments, the cause of the problem in the first place as they use Islam to subvert our culture and "rub the Right's nose in diversity".

    I blame the fools who keep voting LiblabCon - then they have the gall to complain about it!

    You talk about freedom of expression and rightly so, but it wasn't the Muslims who took that from us, it was our treasonous government who used political correctness to curtail our rights.

    And I'm no apologist for Islam, just for common sense.

    1. You clearly haven't read many of my other blogs. But hey, keep up the spittle! ;o)