Saturday 27 June 2015

Here we go again

So, who would ever have thought it? The religion of peace once again fails to live up to the billing and turns out to be the religion of killing in the most bestial manner possible. In Tunisia, France and Kuwait the latest death toll rises to 38. Obviously David Cameron, in common with all the other leaders of the world about to be engulfed by a tidal wave of barbaric slaughter, has felt compelled to denounce this as ‘nothing to do with islam’. But look Dave, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and blows itself to fuck up like a duck, it’s a murderous muslim duck. And no amount of negotiation will deter the other suicidal monsters from following suit.

The official wisdom anyway is that you must not reason with a terrorist. With a terrorist who has lost all reason and is delirious with joy at the prospect of taking your life while he sacrifices his own you have only one option and it is not ignoring him and hoping he will give up and go away. If we can’t even deter desperate, weakened refugees from oozing across our borders how in the hell will we ever prevent walking bombs from taking as many lives as they like? The time for passive resistance is gone and the time for the muslims in Britain to choose is already long past any reasonable point.

There can be no pact with passionate martyrdom; it is them or us, as they have made clear. When will our elected leaders decide to come out for us instead of defending them? I don’t propose that every follower of the faith is a ticking time bomb, but the clear evidence is that many are; far too many to be dismissed as 'a tiny minority'. The muslim community demonstrates surprise and a certain helplessness at the viciousness and fanaticism of its radicalised youth, but that is not enough. It has to open its eyes to the fact, clear to everybody else, that this absolutely is everything to do with islam. And once they can do that they must face what the Germans had to face over half a century ago.

Adolf Hitler was once almost a god to some and a revered leader to the majority of ordinary citizens who saw themselves as good people. The post-war plea of "Wir haben von nicht gewusst" ("We knew nothing") was a simple lie. They knew but did not want to know. Yes, I know, I’ve invoked Hitler and therefore I must lose the argument but pretending that islam is somehow a force for good in the world seems much the same to me as believing the Nazi propaganda about Germany’s divine right to rule all of Europe, if not the world. Need I remind you of ISIS’s intent to establish a world caliphate?

The real face of islam - the religion of a thousand pieces
What muslims will only see when they open their eyes.

After the Second World War it became a matter of shame to be a German and even the name of the F├╝hrer was banished from speech, not by diktat but by simple disgrace. To non-muslims the visible symbols of islam – mosques, burkas, those ridiculous trousers – proliferating throughout Europe and alien to its culture are akin to marching with swastikas through conquered lands. When muslims realise this and are prepared to feel shame and responsibility for the murder committed in their name, only then will the rest of us believe the religion cares one iota about peace.


  1. If Cameron actually believes "it is not about Islam" then that is seriously scary. If he's only lying through his teeth that's normal.