Thursday, 25 June 2015

Brotherhood of Man?

France is making threatening noises about the migrants in Calais. Again. Not towards the migrants themselves, having largely given up on any possibility of containing them, but towards Britain, whose fault it apparently is to have allowed them all to cross the whole of the EU in order to get into a country that really doesn’t want them. Calais is the last barrier, the cork in the neck of the Champagne bottle which the EU has been steadily shaking for some years now. When it finally blows, as blow it must, there is going to be froth everywhere and few will escape the consequences.

Paris is bulging, while Italy and Greece are swamped by unwanted migrants and have threatened to issue visas which grant them freedom to roam beyond their own overcrowded lands. Austria is talking of resurrecting its border controls and Hungary is actually intent on building a massive security fence. Nobody wants these people, absolutely nobody, and even those with a misty-eyed and thoroughly unhelpful opinion on the sanctity of human life are doing no more than saying, over and over, that something must be done. Who is going to take in an Eritrean, house an Ethiopian or give succour to a Sudanese? These people are not like us; they do not belong here. And their plight is neither ours to solve nor to feel guilty over.

Populations are anxious and frightened and while the EU refuses to fully acknowledge the immensity of the problem, national governments who rely on democratic processes to retain power no longer have the capacity to ignore them. The awful truth of this race of mankind is becoming clear… we are not equal, we are not one big happy family and in the competition for scarce resources we look after our own first. Every time. After years of being under the mesmeric influence of progressive minority thought, brow-beaten by the propaganda of the faux-meek, people have had enough. When governments won’t act to evict the monster the villagers will break out the pitchforks… and mobs are poor observers of due process.

If Europe wants to save itself from drowning in a scummy sea of crime and violence and hate and suspicion it has to have an effective illegal immigration policy. But not only does it not have one, it is incapable of forming one. The notion of European unity is entirely illusory and this looming immigration crisis might just be the thing which reveals the emperor in all his bare-bollocked glory. On top of all that the USA has been caught red-handed spying on the French and of course, we all know they spy on all of us too. Nobody trusts anybody any more than they ever did and the pretence that they ever really did is slipping round the ankles of international diplomacy like a whore’s drawers.

Every man for himself!

Paris is warning that relations may break down between Britain and France over the Calais situation. Every other major country in the EU is shaking their head, if not their fist, at David Cameron’s ‘negotiations’. True colours are being sported at every turn. This might be the best possible time to get the EU ‘out’ campaign properly underway. Upset all of them, I say, stir up the hornets’ nest. Bring it the hell on.

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