Monday, 29 June 2015

UK End Times?

Humans. We’re not that bright. Nor are we especially cooperative except when in need. Our first instinct is to look out for ourselves – a dead human is no use to any other – our second is to protect that which we hold most dear. At times we are faced with the dilemma of deciding just what that actually is. Is it your spouse, your children, your home, money, possessions or pets? That depends on what the threat is and over what timescale; with enough resources we can save the lot. Short on time we have to choose under duress and we don’t always choose as wisely as, in retrospect, we ought to.

I’d say at the moment we are faced with a very clear choice between safety and security or adherence to the bizarre and unworkable dream of ‘ever closer union’. Greece must go. The borders must be defended. Our armed forces’ decline must be reversed and our island sovereignty reasserted. The great pan-European project has failed and every country participating in it has lost something as result. The poorer nations are in greater debt and greater need as their more able citizens desert them for richer pickings elsewhere. The richer countries have extended their welfare systems both within and outside their own borders, creating an entire industry based on sponging off the labours and kindness of others.

Every developed European country has gone from being prosperous and proud to becoming a dangerous cocktail consisting of fortified outposts of the rich surrounded by the ranks of the poor and unattractive, interspersed with ghettoes of hostile and increasingly alienated outsiders. The architects of the EU may feel they are achieving their stated aims; they are not. Europe is now a powder keg of dissatisfied indigents being progressively supplanted by aggressive invaders, protected by the holy trinity of the law, religion and sociology. Racism is now a more heinous crime than murder. Stephen Lawrence got a sainthood but Lee Rigby got what he deserved? Is this really how you want to live?

As a nation – what we have left of nationhood – Britain should be preparing to defend its history, its traditions, its precious freedoms and its unparalleled geography. This, lest you are too ignorant to realise it, is one of the very best places on the entire planet for humans to scrape a living. We have much to be more than just proud of. But just watch as our own government in collusion with the EU uses the threat of the islamic state to dissolve our borders forever. Watch as the European Army becomes reality, sold as the only way to fend off the forces of the barbarians and Britain becomes nothing more than an outlying and unremarkable EU region.

Civilian casualties? There ARE no civilians in this war...
The ONLY response to ISIS

The upcoming generation know nothing of what we once were and they have been brought up to be in thrall to the warped ideals of the federal European project. When ISIS comes knocking they will practically beg to merge our fortunes with those of the lost continent. I used to believe the final demise of Britain would probably occur after I die. Now I think it may possibly occur in the next five years. There is no point in hoping this won’t happen, it is happening already and there is nobody with power who will lift a finger to prevent it. So, revert to instinct, every man for himself and let the ISIS devils take the hindmost.

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