Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I have a dream...

Yesterday, on the Daily Politics, everybody’s favourite schoolboy mass-debater, Owen Jones, said he would love to live in a world where people like Jeremy Corbyn were in charge. I have no idea if he truly understands what he wishes for, but maybe he just wants a lot more people to understand poverty from a first-hand perspective. The ruinously incoherent blueprint for society planted deep inside the spotless brains of socialists simply has no accommodation for the vagaries of human nature. Or where that nature is recognised, socialism’s first instinct is to suppress it, by force if necessary. You don’t need thought police in a free society, but in socialist regimes the judicial offence industry offers a lucrative career for life. Dream on, Owen.

Not one to be left out, I too have a dream…

Imagine a world where harmony reigns; a world where everybody understands and respects the needs of others and where the very idea of using your identity as a means of threatening or provoking guilt in others would be laughable. Imagine a world where you instinctively know where the boundaries of good taste and decency lie and where to step over an unexpected line is more likely to cause you a little embarrassment and a little learning than to land you in jail. Imagine a world where you can joke about anything you like because everybody else understands what is a joke and what is malignant And imagine a world where you do not fear what is happening all around you all the time.

Yes, imagine a world without the twin evils of islam and socialism; islam to do the harm and socialism to enable and excuse it. In Dewsbury and Bradford, the breeding grounds of both, the air has been rent with the ululations of primitive vocal mourning – so un-British it may as well be the chattering of agitated chimps – over the death of a quiet, scholarly, beautiful child with a wonderful future… or to be more accurate an evil, murdering little bastard acting directly in the cause of islam; that same islam which has yet to be condemned by those who insist that active, violent jihad is an aberration and not a central plank of its teaching.

It’s not good enough to say that ISIS and its ilk are following a perverse interpretation of their holy work of mumbo-jumbo and squiggly lines. It would be far more true, in fact, to say they are following a precise interpretation of the words of their mentally unstable prophet, who arrogantly claimed to be writing down the words of a being conjured from his imagination. Not good enough at all. If any of that sort of nonsense had any validity then why do we not similarly see Christians carrying out the sacrificial burning of children and animals on a daily basis and rampaging through foreign lands killing all the first-born? The idea that muslims are powerless to control islam is utter bollocks; most grown-up religions (if religion can ever be said to be a mature response to anything) gave up the smiting a long time ago.

They really want to kill you - what part of that do you not understand?
By their deeds shall you know them.
You can't get much clearer than that

As for those on the left of thought, the simple fact they cannot grasp is that some of society’s differences are not solvable, by legislation, petition, adjuration or otherwise. There is no such thing as a British muslim, their relative values being so incompatible as to be incapable of resolution. You can be British or you can be a muslim, but not both. To refuse to denounce your loyalty to a murderous, Stone Age cult should be taken as volunteering to forfeit your British citizenship. A world without socialism would recognise this and a Britain without the lying ‘religion of peace’ would be a damned sight more peaceful than the encroaching caliphate promises to be. 

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