Thursday 18 June 2015


Immigration made this country what it is today? Did it bollocks. What made this country great was what we exported – technology, know-how, a fiercely inquisitive and acquisitive nature and, yes, British values, which account for much of what is right with the world. The traffic was never only one way; for every lefty history teacher trying to spin the evils of empire there are hundreds of examples of the ways we benefited the people we once ruled. The monstrous reputation of Britannia abroad is a modern confection, overlaying the morals of today’s apologetic malcontents on the utter normality of ‘might is right’ back in the day.

So you can fuck off with your ‘Britain was built on immigration’ rhetoric, your appeasement of any and every minority demand that we bend to their will and your determination to paint the British as the villains of the piece in every civil conflict and every foreign war. We really are the good guys, no matter how much the hand-wringers want to portray us as the essence of evil. For instance, right now, who is saving from drowning some of the very people who would behead us, given half a chance? Who is not rioting and burning down the ugly-in-every-sense mosques where native-born people are systematically brainwashed to become killing machines? And who is not doing to the grooming, raping trafficking gangs what their own culture would to in an instant to anybody drawn, say, to loving someone of their own sex?

Immigration is not a good thing; not in its own right. It is just a thing; it neither makes countries nor brings enlightenment all of itself. Human beings are a commodity and immigration is just a form of trade. So why do we import all the cheap and shoddy goods and then turn a blind eye to the social dis-ease and malcontent that come as part of the package? Why do the politicians of all colours keep banging the ‘who’s going to pay your pensions?’ drum but refuse to ask who’s going to pay their pensions? Driving the buses, picking the fruit and veg, running the hospitals – it’s all bollocks; we have literally millions of non-productive home-grown drones who have been priced out of those jobs and kept unemployable by the short-termism of cheap labour.

We have always had the ability to attract scarce talent when we needed it. And British people have roamed the globe selling their own scarce talents. Both immigration and emigration has featured in our past as a thing of necessity, expedience or mere opportunism. How ingenious then for a succession of administrations in thrall to the ideals of Euro-socialism to have manufactured scarcity of piece-of-piss job skills by systematically failing to educate and train our own young while simultaneously inculcating within them a sense of entitlement way beyond their ability. Spare the rod and spoil the child indeed; the new equivalent is lay on the benefits and spoil the country.

Michelle Obama fails to realise SHE is the only white person here...
Yes, feel the diversity Michelle...

Well, I’m bloody sick of it. I’m sick of being told that we can’t find cleaners and arse wipers and potato pickers from home and ‘have’ to import them from abroad. And I’m sick of being told the same lie over and over again that we depend on these same people, to whom we have to pay tax credits and housing benefit and child benefit to somehow fund the system that keep the idle underclass in Sky subscriptions, fags and cans of Wife-beater. Immigration, of itself, is not a net benefit; every low-grade worker represents a considerable strain on resources. You came here to work, I don’t blame you. But I blame the fuck out of those that made it happen. 


  1. Well said. I feel exactly the same as you about this.

  2. Wise words.
    I do not think Mr Barley would approve though.
    Hope you are well!

  3. Well said. That picture of a "typical east end" school makes me barf.