Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The New Norm

Listen to the outrage which is still flying round; in the minds of some of our more deranged commentators, the prime Minister chose to have full-on sex with a dead animal and thus prove he is unfit to hold office. I expect many a freemason, or similarly secretive society member, is keeping extremely schtum right now, recalling the bizarre rituals of acceptance they have undergone. But let’s get a sense of proportion about it. Embarrassingly popping your flaccid member into a fold of dead meat for a few seconds in front of a baying crowd of other young initiates is hardly the same as eagerly thrusting your engorged, excited penis repeatedly into the orifice that another human being shits through, is it?

Yet the second act is deemed entirely normal indeed, a lifestyle choice; no, not a choice but a biological imperative for some. Something that was once seen as so aberrant as to be illegal for centuries has not only become accepted, but approved and – to judge by the reaction in some quarters – will become practically compulsory one day. Once again persistent lobbying has changed the way society thinks and it is only a matter of time before any dissenters die out. In the odd way that humans have of adopting fads, a recent report suggested that a very large percentage of young people are now minded to give homosexuality a go. The cultural Marxists must be overjoyed.

The normalisation of the not-so-normal is an ever-present theme; once upon a time the English wouldn’t dream of eating brioche yet now the supermarkets are full of such foreign fripperies.On a lighter note, in the USA a paedophile has written an essay to the American public asking not to be judged harshly for an appetite he cannot change but manages to control. His plea reads much like the anguished petitions of gays in former years; Alan Turing was driven to suicide over the way his ‘condition’ was treated yet society now feels shame and a need to make amends. Surely it can’t be impossible for society to learn to differentiate between those who control their urges and criminals who act on them. Will it go from disgusting to ‘in the privacy of their own home’ to being regularly flaunted in public? I guess the real test will be, how long before an out-but-not-proud paedophile will be deemed an acceptable babysitter?

Of course there is always the option to have a dual morality, something which seems to come naturally to those in positions of power. In the devout muslim world, for instance, homosexuality is still a crime punishable by extreme gravity, yet it is far from uncommon for some of that wider community to keep boy sex-slaves whose sole purpose is to be bestially buggered at the whim of the master. Presumably the justification is that if your slave is not given full human status it is not seen as homosexuality to fuck him; and what better way to perpetuate the practice than to continue the cycle of abuse until they eventually come to like it?

Normal - it's not what you're thinking.

What will we next be expected to accept? Those who have won concessions for tastes once considered abhorrent have done so by persistence, by not being cowed by a hostile majority and look how we have eventually accepted their way of thinking. So it should come as no surprise that flying in the face of public opinion and national sovereignty the EU has once again ignored the protests and simply decided that we will accept into our midst hundreds of thousands of people who don’t possess the western mindset to be coerced and persuaded into forgiveness and acceptance. A un-democratic regime forcing unwanted change on its demoralised people? What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Trust your gut.

    Too many people find it hard to explain why they feel a particular way - so they give way to others who have (what seems like) a rational justification even when their gut says otherwise.

    To ignore your gut for someone elses argument is to surrender your will to the eloquent. Your whole existence cheapened to be worth less than a few clever words from a stranger.

    My views haven't changed that much for a long time... but over the years I have found or created better, and better understanding and explanation of those views.

    The biggest problem is - not really starting to work out those explanations until it is too late - and having lost the argument and had the vote (or whatever) go against you, to then, and only then, think of the perfect explanation that would have won your case.

    I primarily tweet and blog and talk to hone my arguments - and all the time new arguments against my positions become more and more rare - until.... they are vanishingly rare.