Monday, 14 September 2015

Who needs Schengen?

While Twitter and the rest of the media world continues its feeding frenzy, with many a speculation into how far left the Labour Party will lurch under Comrade Corbyn, eyes are averted from the other notable result of the past few days. Labour’s folly in letting the sorriest apologists for Marxist failures into office should only really hurt Labour, although I believe it may also sharpen up the Tories to see the appetite among unintelligent people everywhere (people who nevertheless have a vote) for the hastening of their own impoverishment.

But losing out financially and putting the life-success of your children at risk is nothing compared to actually ushering in the agents of your final destruction as a mature culture; a culture that was once the most advanced on the planet. The erosion has been going on for some years but it accelerated dramatically under New Labour’s deliberate – and admittedly so – experiment in socially engineered diversity. The monstrosity that is multiculturalism is simply not possible at humanity’s current level of evolution beyond that practised in very small communes which, under scrutiny, turn out to be far more homogenous than the face paint appears to show.

We are under threat from a tidal wave of those fleeing islamic countries and like many mass movements before them they carry a plague. While they may currently be concerned only with their own safety, once settled in richer, western countries they will disdain our apparent decadence, segregate, multiply and overwhelm. Ask anybody who used to live in any former industrial city and they will tell the same story: Bradfordistan, Oldhamabad, Lutonpindi... all now degenerating into stone-age shitholes as whites flee and the statistics slowly turn brown. It isn’t racist to simply point at the measurable effects of non-integrationist population change.

David Cameron, in many misguided attempts to be all things to all voters is quick to ape the ideology of the left, whose ultimate aim is the destruction of western capitalism. To out-diversify the progressives he has insisted he wants to see more muslims in positions of power. Ask the people of those former prosperous cities where corruption is rife in muslim-led councils and where a hands-off attitude is taken towards policing it whether they think the solution to islamification is more muslims in positions of power. Ask the Londoners of Tower Hamlets whether Lutfur Rahman’s reign was indicative. Ask the parents of minority-white children in the overcrowded ‘Babel classes’ of formerly British schools how they feel. Ask anybody who can’t afford the means not to be adversely affected.

The British form of soft Communism under Old Labour wore away the work ethic, with strike after strike on flimsy grounds in a blatant class war, so at first we welcomed the industriousness of the early eastern immigrants. They kept their religion largely under wraps. But indigenous and incomer can only have a harmonious balance when it is clear where the balance of power lies and we slept while the Islamic snake slithered. There is, it turns out, no such thing as a moderate muslim; either you observe the faith and defend it against the kuffar’s disdain or you are not a muslim.

How many visibly ‘moderate’ muslims have had an offer they couldn’t refuse, a leg up from their local ummah, favours given in expectation of future redemption? If we are unwilling to acknowledge the problem others are more forthcoming. But those who speak out, like Paul Sabapathy are quickly silenced. How often recently have we heard a cool and accurate appraisal of the situation only to get a retraction and a resignation soon afterwards?

Sadiq Khan doesn’t seem like a bad bloke but when he tweeted “I am deeply humbled that so many Londoners have put their faith in me today. Together, we can change London” I can’t have been the only one wondering what he would change it into, if elected. How long before favours will need to be returned? How long before Kentish Town transitions into Karachi? And the reaction of white Britain? To do the decent thing and not make a fuss. Sell up and move out and hope to die before causing offence. The problem with civilisation, it seems, is that we lose the appetite to fight. 

All aboard the Schengen Express!

All over Europe now, populations are driven to protest because while they may have humanity and decency they have seen their own governments usher in masses who will take advantage of those values. Although the media describe such protests as being ‘far right’ the reality is that they are simply white. EU governments have flooded their countries with outsiders against the express wish of their majorities. But it makes no sense; white people are so much less trouble than their replacements. Germany's reinstatement of its border with Austria might just be belated recognition of that. But look on the bright side; when Germany falls, the EU falls. The winds of change blow hard these days, but it's an ill wind, they say...


  1. The Germans now know what a blitzkrieg is like as wave after wave of migrants invade their country. And we all know what the effects of a blitzkrieg is like. Devastation, destruction and occupation by a foreign power. In the current case the foreign power is Islam.

    Europe may have in the end recovered from that occupation but I have little hope that it will from this one.

  2. A thought-provoking,honest blog.Keep saying the things others dare not say,Mister B, I stand ready to support you!