Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Planned Parenthood?

Much chatter in the air about morality and moral duty regarding the increasingly tedious refugee situation. Frankly I’m getting compassion fatigue already and I no longer know what the state of play is. Do you? Are we already overrun or are we effectively stowing them in special muslim quarters where their numbers will go unremarked? Have we declared war on Germany yet? And if not, why not? Are we even still in the EU; it’s kind of hard to tell... well, except for the gushing national artery, haemorrhaging money into the bottomless well deed-polled ‘compassion’ but whose given name is guilt. It’s all too big to contemplate.

So let’s scale it down a bit and pick a manageable subject for scrutiny. How about this for a morality tale: Jennifer Cramblett, a white lesbian US citizen, had a mixed-race daughter after she was accidentally[sic] inseminated with a black man’s sperm. Now she and her partner are suing the sperm bank over the mix-up. The couple rarely meet non-whites and the little girl will be the only black kid in her school where, if the ‘parents’ attitudes are anything to go by, she may have some difficulty in fitting in. I sincerely hope not but questions need to be asked and one of those questions should not be “How much compo am I going to get?”

Colour me cruel but did anybody consult the poor child as to the sort of parents she wanted? Maybe she will grow up to wish she had both a mummy and a daddy; one black, one white. Maybe she will be sublimely unaware and succeed with ease, going on to become a pillar of a colour-blind community? Or maybe she will fall pregnant to a drug-dealing, gun-toting gangsta at the age of fifteen, be disowned by her estranged carers and live a short life of squalor and despair. Who knows; there are enough uncertainties in life, even for those born to privileged families, without adding in any extra.

The liberal media love to portray the children of unconventional pairings as extra-loved, as if two women or two men can easily be better parents than the boring old one-of-each model. Maybe because they believe that overcoming stigma, in some cases, means they better understand the trials of life. But this is an absurd position; why should any couple – or any lone parent for that matter – be so freely allowed to experiment with another life? For all that you may believe that having a child will complete you, the poor kid has no choice in the matter and it may well be that your influence in completing the kid could be disastrous. There are plenty of examples to demonstrate that parenthood should not be seen as an automatic human right.

There are no non-selfish reasons for creating another to share the shitty vale of tears we call life. Nobody has a child for the benefit of society and as much as they may love their offspring, nobody knows to what influences they will be prey. But one thing we do see time and again is that the apple rarely falls far from the tree, so before you have kids of any variety you should ask yourself why you would do something so thoughtless. The children of poor people most often end up poor. The children of abusers frequently become abusers. Yes it’s a gamble, but you are not gambling with your own stake money.

End child poverty? Stop having poor children.
Nobody asked me...

Here we all are, moralising about taking in the unplanned outcome of unchecked breeding in a society alien to our own and perhaps in doing so welcoming the Trojan horse of our own destruction. But nobody seems overly concerned with the daily atrocities carried out on our own soil, the indiscriminate forcing into life of potential future refugees, criminals, deadbeats, drug addicts, thugs, racists, inadequates... Yes, yes, yes, they may go on to be Nobel Peace Prize winners, but the odds are stacked against it.

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