Monday, 2 November 2015

Angry Monday

‘Experts agree’. ‘Top academic reports’. ‘Guru advises’. ‘Government Czar appointed’. ‘Think tank recommends.’ Tip-top, expert, Tsar-Czar guru supremo is pleased to announce the outcomes of a five year study into research of findings in accumulated data gathering originating from diverse sources amalgamated to synergise incentive-laden, issue-based, evidential prophecies appertaining to essential societal demographics, which are essential to the demographics observed in society in the hyper-speed, cyber-enabled future... going forward. Or is that all just bollocks?

And the result of all this expertise and good advice? The west has infantilised its younger generations to the extent that never mind telling good advice from bad advice, they don’t even grasp the difference between good and bad itself. Individual reason and responsibility takes second place to collective, central planning, whether from actual governments or from self- appointed watchdogs, trained to sniff out the mildest offence and turn it into crime. And it matters not whether you understand a single mangled sentence of it.

Sexism, gender-identity politics, the race industry, equality enforcement, the Holy Grail and wholly misinformed deity of diversity... In the war of ‘ideologies for every occasion’ is it any wonder we so frequently witness blue-on blue attacks such as when Germaine Greer is mauled by feminists and otherwise free-marketeers plead the case for the EU? For fear of the nouveau offence of, er, causing offence we can’t police actual physical and sexual assault on the genuinely vulnerable. For fear of judgement for making the idle less well-off we turn to making working people poorer still. The first of the gods – Chaos – must be cackling on high.

And in the midst of all this confusion ordinary people are supposed to make sense of events and carry on with their lives without fearing disastrous change as a direct result of governments they think they had a choice in electing? We old curmudgeons are attacked for saying it was better before, but I’m sure that isn’t just memory playing up. Once, a labourer could earn enough to keep a small family fed and housed. Once, all except the very slowest of children could leave school able to read and write and get a job without having to send out a thousand CVs. Once, the police were a respected and visible part of every neighbourhood and malingerers got short shrift from bosses and doctors alike.

Now, social, health and emergency services workers are insulted and assaulted on a regular basis. The nuclear family is derided and side-lined as any and all combinations of LGBT parenting models are encouraged and facilitated. School-leavers are abandoned in favour of imported low-grade workers and in the name of all that expert intelligentsia shit we continue to import jihadis by the truckload; streaming across the borders and screaming for our annihilation.

Calm down... it's just diversity in action. Or did I mean Acton?
This, they tell us, brings us nothing but good...

In what he imagines to be a popular statement, Philip Hammond has said that the UK has been late to recognise extremism. I don’t know what you lot in successive governments thought you were doing but we saw through the bullshit of you and all your advisors many years ago. Fuck you, Phil. Fuck all of your experts and fuck all of your think tanks. After all, it’s what you have been doing to us for decades.


  1. How did it all come to this, I keep asking myself?

  2. facilis descensus averno (the descent to hell is easy; the downward path is wide and smooth.

    Virgil: The Aeniad