Monday 23 November 2015

Everything to do with islam

Everybody is, finally, talking out in the open about how to defeat ISIS, ISIL, IS or Daesh, or whatever name you want use to dignify the barbaric rabble; much like the EEC, EU, Common Market chameleon, there is a name to suit every prejudice. But the one thing they are still not saying is what ordinary people warned about decades ago and see every day written across the headlines and carved out of their back streets. This is not some new horror for the twenty-first century, it is the same crusade and war on the west that seems to be islam’s entire reason for existence.

We won’t defeat islam – since 1095 we have been trying – all we can do is beat it down with a big stick and keep it pruned relentlessly. The idea that Jeremy Corbyn has of negotiating with them is ludicrous; the only thing we have that they want is our lives; for them nothing else matters other than establishing brutal, primitive islamic martial subjugation throughout the world. It’s their way, or the highway to hell, so Corbyn’s only negotiating stance would be abject surrender from the outset and a wish for a mercifully swift end. Keep believing you can achieve that, Jezzer, meanwhile the grown-ups are talking.

Other voices are pointing out how little the radicals from Europe that have plotted and carried out their murderous acts have to do with the religion of peace. They lived decadent western lifestyles then one day decided to up and wage war and simply hijack islam for the purpose of headlines. This isn’t real islam, they say, but how would we know, given that every act of brutality is precede with rabid cries of allahu akbar? Anjem Choudary, who is also known for having lived a wild (for which, read ‘normal’) youth is eloquently insistent that allah’s is the only law and that the world will one day belong to his followers.

You see, it is exactly what it looks like. If anything it is the slender majority of hitherto peaceful muslims who are living a lie. Coming over here, trying to make their religion look like ‘our’ religion, living a skewed version of the religion of submission... How dare they try and integrate? If anything it's the westernised muslims and their decadent lives who are 'nothing to do with islam', but they were useful breeding cells. Now their children’s children are merely reclaiming the certainty that tomorrow belongs to them. No wonder comparisons are frequently made with Nazism – the fanaticism, the brutality, the absolute conviction that all others are inferior.

As somebody else tweeted, “If Paris proved one thing it was that open EU borders are an open invitation to murderous Islamic barbarians.” And last night it was Brussels under siege. Where will they be tomorrow? Make no mistake this is the same millennium-old war we can never win unless the world is rid of islam itself – and nobody has the stomach or stamina for that. The best we can do is stamp out the flames and wait, vigilant, for when it starts all over again in a few generations. In the meantime, putting any muslim in any position of responsibility anywhere in the western world is tantamount to heaving the big wooden horse right into the city square. Call me what you like, but either we cull them or they annihilate us.


  1. I follow a right wing MP's blog and whenever I make a comment on a blog about terrorism that he writes he does not publish them. The theme of my comment is along the same lines as your article. I agree that my comment could be considered incendiary and it contains unpalatable truths; I cite facts historical and current and do not go in for bigotry just call things the way they really are and do not change them to avoid upsetting sensibilities.

    The non publication leads me to believe that this MP is representative of the political establishment as a whole and that that establishment is prepared to sanction the suppression of free speech and shut down debate to protect itself from public criticism. They do not want the public to know what danger they face and the part they played in creating it and now do not know how to protect us from it. Of course they do not want to cause panic amongst the population which if the truth was fully known would and that is laudable. However acting like ostrich as they are will only in the end harm the public much more. They must open up the subject fully and face the threats or views real or imaginary with full public cooperation and understanding.

  2. I think Jezza should emulate Neville Chamberlain at Munich. Turn up in Raqqa and demand to be taken to their leader who he will convince of the error of his ways by sheer force of logic. I'm sure he'll get a warm welcome.

  3. I concur with all your sentiments,Mr.B. I've long since ceased to care what others think of my opinions,as I reject the concept of the "moderate Muslim",& believe unequivocally that so-called "radical Islam" is,in fact,the true face of this barbaric,medieval religion.