Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Petition This!

If you saw a man beating himself to death with his own shovel you would have to at least record it and get it up on Youtube. You might not want to wade in and stop him - after all he could have your eye out - but you’d sure as hell want to show the world the staggeringly mental thing you’d just witnessed. Naturally it would go viral and attract a list of comments on the event; how awful, what drove him to it, why didn’t you do something to help? Etc. But would you seriously expect anybody to cheer him on? To genuinely offer support and if necessary assistance to aid him in coming to his bloody end?

In a perverse display of ideology before logic all the forces of the establishment – which used to be thought of as overbearingly conservative in its even-handed refusal to bend rules for all but the most influential who, by definition can do what the hell they like – is bending over backwards to hasten western culture to its own demise. And the means to this end may be actually worse than beating ourselves to death with a shovel – inviting somebody else to wield said shovel.

Following the Paris atrocities and now the various scares in Germany a UK e-petition to close our borders tight shut received over four hundred thousand signatures in a little over 48 hours. As clear an indication of concern as any reasonable person would need. But, bizarrely, a counter petition to open up the borders, while attracting fifty times fewer supporters, has been launched. Given the undemocratic behaviour of all EU administrations in recent years it is entirely to be expected that credence will be given to the few and the fears of the many will simply be ignored.

If this were the EU referendum and the balance of voting was 50-to-1 for Brexit, I wouldn’t put it past the new order to see that as a validation for their decision to remain. What on earth is going on? The Corbynistas genuinely seem to believe they can talk their way to some form of peace against forces who wish only to annihilate us. In contrast with English fans singing La Marseillaise, Turkish fans booed during the one-minute silence at their match, in Paris more shooting broke out overnight and a mere thirty muslims turned up to condemn the attacks. Isn’t it time we got a grip and called a spade a spade?

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