Tuesday 17 November 2015

Jihadi Yes?

One of the latest lunacies flying around t’internet is the phrase ‘terrorism has no religion’. I think the evidence points very much to the opposite. Most terrorism over the centuries seems to have been committed by people with sincerely held religious beliefs and the religion du jour is, of course, our dear friend the religion of stabbing and burning and raping and beheading and stoning in the name of, let me see... allah, the godhead of islam. No matter how many times the placid politicians of the west try to say this has nothing to do with islam, the perpetrators would beg to differ.

Actually, the last thing they will do is beg. A supposed European Green Party quote appeared on The Twitter last night: "World leaders must defeat ISIS using the weapon that these terrorists fear most of all: peace talks." I have little doubt this must be a spoof but, given that Jeremy #JihadiJez Corbyn said OUT LOUD that he would not preside over a shoot to kill policy were he PM during the inevitable onslaught by the terrorism that has no religion, who knows to what depths of lunacy these crazy lefty clowns will dive?

Mind you, The Greens are on record as saying that climate change causes terrorism – is there any bandwagon upon whose bouncy flat-bed they will not leap? Meanwhile, I wonder to what extent David Cameron and his leetle Euro-chums will use the threat of further attacks to advance their own agenda. You know the open borders, anything goes, multi-culti-the-fuck-out-of-the-indigenous agenda of the EU. If this doesn’t advance the cause of ever-closer union – theenk of ze cheeldren! – I don’t know what does. Just wait – a Euro defence force and combined secret police with ultimate power of surveillance over your every waking moment is just around the corner.

I bet Jean-Claude Juncker is knocking one out over the footage from France; it’s better than his wildest wet dream and – right on cue, of course – comes the ‘don’t be hasty, keep the borders open, let’s not over-react, it’s what they WANT us to do’ rhetoric. But here’s the thing: you can’t actually defeat an enemy who actively wants to die. ISIS have no interest in opening peace talks, they only want us all dead or converted, preferably dead.

Your children have seen things you never saw; they live in a world where vicious beheadings and people being burned alive are almost everyday occurrences and are losing their power to shock. And yet even this morning I hear ‘world leaders’ urging people not to link this with the religion with which it is inextricably linked. Even the muslims are now showing their own deep-rooted bigotry by saying it is not a muslim thing it is ‘an Asian thing’ or ‘an African thing’. Multiculturalism has failed spectacularly and is carrying on failing.

It's what they want...

Whatever we do now, suicidal islam will likely not ever be eradicated and will resurge in time, just as it is at the moment. We can’t do nothing – if anything, doing nothing is exactly what they want us to do! - but given that the jihadis actively seek what they see as a glorious martyrdom for allah, annihilating them now, en-masse and before they even get a chance to scream allahu akbar, might be enough to put off those youngsters who are tempted by a life lived with the all-pervading stench of camel shit.


  1. I have been saying it ever since 9/11. If these rag-headed bastards like death all that much, why don't we give it to them -- wholesale?

  2. Has anyone else noticed, that despite the Paris mob supposedly being on 'watch-lists' across europe, that they were allowed to go unhindered, but were caught very quickly?
    It's as if the whole thing was orchestrated somehow.

    I smell an establishment rat! So what is really going on here?

    Is this a case of innocent people being sacrificed in order to garner public support for more surveillance legislation and to bomb Syria - both of which were thought unpalatable a few months ago.

    Why bomb Syria when the Saudis are left intact? It's no secret that Saudi money is backing much of this unrest, but I have yet to witness French or even Russian bombs raining down on Rydah.

    And why bomb Syria when the terrorists are already 'over here'?

    It doesn't make sense unless you are purposely engineering the outcome we are now seeing.

    Just wait - they'll be telling us that we have to stay in the eu for the sake of national security next.