Sunday 29 November 2015


It’s been suspected for a long time now that the planet may have Alzheimer’s. With an attention span of – oh look, squirrel! – and a collective IQ of around half-past eight, the developed world has lived beyond its useful life and is entering the twilight years. It’s like we only keep the old boy on, letting him pretend he still has a job, because it’s easier than watching the distress it causes when he occasionally gets to glimpse cold, hard reality. In the face of all the evidence to the contrary, western governments and their media allies and their detached academics and their blinkered peaceniks insist we can all peacefully coexist and not simply endure enforced multiculturalism but thrive on the diversity. In fact the answer to the challenges posed by diversity is always more diversity... but only for the diverse.

The old empire – whatever you have been indoctrinated to believe in hindsight, by possibly well-meaning but culturally suicidal, agenda-driven minds – was, in a pre-technological world, ‘a very good thing’. Possibly the biggest leap forward in every sense since the Romans (Are they evil now? It’s hard to keep track.) yet all we hear is “What did the British ever do for us?” (Fill in your own long list.) The end is nigh, the doom-mongers used to say, in expectation of a godly apocalypse. They may be right, but the fall of civilisation will come not from god, not even from believers in gods, but from civilisation itself.

Rough men, brave men, went to war and died to keep their countries free from brutal tyrannies but the real tyrants now are those who heed not what was done for them and have no regard for sober history. University students – young people who should be opening their mind to all possibilities – are shutting down debate on campus after campus. A recent, orchestrated walk out from an appearance by contrarian Katie Hopkins: showed absolutely no concern for those who had turned up to hear her out. The no-platforming of anybody who holds views which don’t accord with the new orthodoxy goes way beyond simply refusing to listen; consider the hounding out of office and reputation of Tim Hunt by a concerted and confected charge of sexism and ask whether this is the action of rational, thinking, enlightened humans.

Then there is the insistence by the current – this month’s - Shadow Environment Secretary that referring to practitioners of an almost entirely male profession by the term ‘fishermen’ is lazy and unthinking sexism. I wonder how Harriet Harman feels about that? And examine the almost incredible revelation that Labour MEPs support the repatriation of jihadis to Britain; for every one they rehabilitate, dozens more will be radicalised to take their place. I say ‘almost incredible’ but set against the daily outpouring of utter fuckwittery that typifies the current state of the left in turmoil it passes for normal.

World Leaders discuss Climate Change in Paris

Meanwhile the world leaders are meeting to see how far to push the climate agenda, aided and abetted by the sheep who clamour for yet more restrictions on their freedoms. So, as the lights start to flicker and die across the civilised world, the left will use the chaos to regroup and usher in the islamic agents of the future caliphate and the sun will finally set on the glory that was the European Enlightenment. Welcome to the new Dark Ages; and hope your own dementia takes you first. 

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