Thursday, 28 June 2018

Not Hitler

The western world has really lost the plot. All over social media, all over the news, everywhere you look and listen, you can see and hear the signs of upheaval. People are preaching to each other and forming opposition movements, possibly even militia. And the purpose of these movements? Well hardly a day goes by without some administration or other being compared to Nazi Germany; except they have it arse-about-face.

Only this morning on the BBC World Service I heard bleating idiots comparing Trump to Hitler. I heard a casual, pejorative mention of Trump by one of the judges during the Outlook Inspirations award show, turning what should have been all about uplifting personal journeys into a political message in support of the anti-populist narrative that has taken hold of many on the left.

Telling themselves fables around the righteous rebel campfire, their own populist appeal is used to bind them together in a tale of struggle against the oppressors. The oppressors, if you hadn’t worked it out, are those who are trying to act on behalf of the forgotten population, the ones who truly can’t fight for themselves, because they are too busy working, paying taxes and keeping everything together.

This isn’t like Nazi Germany at all. Germany wasn’t overrun with Jews; it hadn’t decided to overrule its citizens and refuse to listen to their concerns when throwing the borders open wide and searching the world for disgruntled, fighting-age Torah-touters to import in order to replace the indigenous population. It didn’t favour every last demand of minority interest groups ahead of the general mass of normal – yes, normal, in the literal sense - people.

If any part of society is behaving like Nazis it is the bizarre collective of leftist pressure groups seeking to shut down free speech, silence dissent, no-platform speakers and disrupt the electoral processes. It is the left installing muslim mayors and denigrating anybody who dares to oppose their ideology. It is the socialist mobs of Momentum et al who want to return everything to national ownership – national socialism, if you will – using the bully boy tactics of the uber-ironic Antifa and Hope-not-Hate and their masked thugs to enforce its message.

The rise of the idiocracy - lefty logic in a nutshell.

And on the subject of Brexit, the so-called rise of the right is an utter fiction, used to disguise the reality that it is Remain who are trying to dominate the political discourse by unsavoury means. It is Remain who threaten violence and disruption and it is Remain who are wedded to a big-state mentality whereby governments truly do rule, rather than govern. When the demos was asked about all of this they chose to oppose the rise of groupthink, thought policing and the coming Reich. Brexit is, quite literally, NOT Hitler.

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