Tuesday 19 June 2018

Who's Backing Britain?

So now they are resurrecting the threat to close down UK-EU flights, post-Brexit? Good, let them. Let them shut down the whole cheap-flight industry, the holiday resorts they serve and the service industries which support them. Let the shitty all-inclusive hotel complexes close and fester, let the beach-side strips go un-fouled by the stench of fish and chips and two-day old Ambre Solaire and sweat. Go on, EU, show your contempt for the British as openly as you wish. The gloves are off.

David Cameron was told in no uncertain terms that there could be no special arrangements of any merit for one of the 28. And why not? Their club, their rules. So he went to the people and despite a colossal united opposition to leaving, a rag-bag of warring Leave groups still manage to win the day. The next morning, we should have served notice. Cameron’s resignation was un-called for; he could easily have carried on, just as his pale stand-in has done, except this time working to deliver what he promised to deliver.

Article 50? What a load of bollocks that turned out to be; an unnecessary prevarication which did nothing but allow the stunned Remainers to mobilise. Nobody had contemplated Brexit – Cameron wouldn’t have authorised the referendum if any analysis had suggested the vote could go against the establishment’s use of the state apparatus to cover the land with a blanket of doom. But we are where we are; wallowing in a self-inflicted morass of negativity created by the relentless insistence of Remainers that Brexit is a modern day Black Death.

Meanwhile, in the so-called Mother of Parliaments, the treacherous – and they truly are treacherous – House of Lords voted again with the Tory rebels to end Brexit by any means. But if they think bringing down the government is the way ahead, let them face the wrath of the millions who voted to leave the unaccountable governance of the EU for precisely the same sort of behaviour their lordships are aping. The referendum as a tool of democracy is dead; the commissioners must be pissing their pants in glee.

So, what are we left with? Short of an armed march on Westminster and the dragging out of the main actors to face summary justice; short of actual civil war, what? Voting at the ballot box is no way out; whichever way it goes can be ignored and anyway, far too many MPs have shown how easily they brush aside the wishes of their constituents.

Backing Britain, 1968. How times change.

If you want Brexit you can do it yourself. No Spanish holiday, no French wine (I personally stopped buying that decades ago) forego the foreign cheese, boycott Brussels. Instead, grit your teeth and buy British, keep your cash in OUR banks. If you can’t face an actual holiday in the UK – and let’s face it, we’ve let ourselves go – try going for days out. Get out in the countryside, get fitter and save the NHS in the process. Wake up and realise that voting then hoping it would happen is a lost cause. If you want an independent Britain you need to start backing it. Brexit needs to become more than a wish, it needs to be in the blood in the way the EU never could.


  1. Spot on. I boycott French wine and cheese. I holiday in the Gambia, South Africa and America. I support Greece, but only because they hate the EU as much as I do. As far as cheap Spanish holidays are concerned, I read this week that some resorts have banned all inclusive holiday packages that include booze because they've had enough of pissed up Brits wrecking their hotels and businesses. They'd probably like the EU to stop flights between the UK and the EU - but let's be honest, that's just bluff and bluster.

    The Lords really has to go doesn't it? It's moved beyond undemocratic and become anti-democratic. It's self serving, arrogant and out of touch. Thatcher would have invoked the Parliament Act by now and put them in their place. But then again Thatcher would have got a 200 seat majority in the last election.

    The EU is a corrupt rotting corpse and we need to get out before we're dragged down with it. I can honestly see the possibilities of mass civil disobedience unless we get a grip on Brexit now...

  2. For once I disagree a bit. Our quarrel is not with individual EU countries (or not primarily) but with the Eurocrats above them. I fervently want to see an end to the EU and along with that the House of Lords and all the traitors selling us out. But I can remember the "I'm Backing Britain Campaign" (when was that - 1970s?) It was a bit of a flop.

    1. Yes, it was a bit of a flop. And for the same reason this would be also. People are weak and soft and wedded to the concept of an easy life at no price. They embed the phenomenon of inequality and embrace any ideology which offers them free, or cheap, stuff.

      But hey, we can dream!