Tuesday, 29 June 2021

This is War

Batley and Spen, an electoral constituency unknown to most, pre-referendum, yet now pivotal in the fight for… for what, exactly? Of course, Labour will court the muslim vote because Labour is the party of islam, fully signed up as it is to the demands of the muslim Council of Britain. The mCB [lower case intentional] has a series of pledges which, while intended to sound innocuous, spell the end for white rule in the United Kingdom, as sure as mohammed is a savage, goat-fucking, child rapist, presumably the model followed by far too many of his adoring fans.

Some of those pledges explained:

1. Tackle racism and islamophobia – this means, define perfectly normal fears of displacement as racist and keep on playing the race card despite every rational attempt to explain that islam is not a race.

2. Religious liberty - Defend the right of muslims – and people of all faiths – to express their faith. This is disingenuous because islam has exactly zero concern for people of other faiths.

4. Safety at places of worship – as with pledge 2 this means to confer special privileges on muslim communities so they can play the adhān at all times via vast PA systems and let the British know, in no uncertain terms that they have been conquered.

6. Refugees – oh yes, and more and faster. Not any old refugees though, but those ‘fleeing’ the countries they turned into shitholes, so they can turn this country into a shithole. And,

10. Ethical Foreign Policy – fucking Palestine, every time.

So, of the bigger challenges which face the modern world in the coming decades there is one more existential than all the others and it is the prospect of the death of the west at the hands of islam. But not from any marauding horde storming the beaches and scaling the heights. Instead, under the guise of multiculturalism, successive governments have refused to address the islamic elephant and have instead punished British people for speaking out.

And by British people I do mean non-muslims, because there can never be any allegiance before islam for the inbred savages who use the rape of young girls to demonstrate just how untouchable they are. This is not asylum seeking; they are not escaping from islamic persecution, but quite deliberately colonising in the name of islamic barbarity, as their faith demands. Never forget that islam means submission, for there will be peace only when every dissenting voice is silenced.

Batley & Spen is one place where they have openly shown their intentions and bared their teeth, daring to threaten even the party which supports them. It is one of many but watch as the process accelerates. There is now a barely sub-critical mass for the caliphatisation of this country and emboldened by the total lack of action, they will rise up everywhere they can bring their numbers, secure in the knowledge that the police will protect them from British resistance and punish those who refuse to submit.

The mCB and its soldiers are intent on punishing Labour for disobeying their orders; they now feel confident enough to win even without Labour, for whichever party gets in, that constituency will still be controlled by the sheiks. And this isn’t just the start, it began in earnest over two decades ago. In fact, worse than that, it started when islam itself cast its dark shadow on the world. This is war, it always has been; and there really is no other word for it.


  1. Whenever a Muslim says their religion is one of peace and they want to live in harmony with other religions, just ask them what "Taquiyya" means. I have seen a Muslim giving evidence in court, after swearing his oath on the Koran, and blatantly lying. When he wad challenged, he fell back on the taqqiya defence, which meant no action was taken against him for perjury. We are definitely doomed.

    1. It is as if we are determined to learn nothing from history whatsoever.

  2. Regrettably, all too true. I'm happy I am old enough to miss the consequences of the non action of today's timid Brits. May the gods, if they exist despite the evidence to the contrary, help all our offspring. They will have to grow a spine if they are to survive.

  3. Since the left are so advanced in their "Long march through the Institutions", having effectively annexed Education decades ago, our offspring are brainwashed into woke.

    See Orwell:- "Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious."