Tuesday 3 July 2012

None as blind

So, they're going to have an inquiry into the blacker-than-black hearts of the evil bankers who dared to lend the money that allowed the greed of ordinary mortals to get the better of them and bring economic Armageddon to the known world? As with so much in politics the outcome has already been decided and now we just want a token witch or two to burn at stake.

In education, a clamour for evolution-denying, ever-better results led us down the path of progressive teaching methods and voodoo assessment principles to give us GCSEs in Trolley-Dollying and the highest graduate unemployment rate ever seen. Despite the obvious distractions and unproven efficacy of edu-tech, governments threw ever more precious money at 'educators' in the full knowledge it would be wasted on such toys. From a news article today "The public has been forced to endure years of denials that grade inflation exists even though they can see it 'with their own eyes'..."

On immigration, despite the obvious overcrowding, the resentment and the subsequent ghettoisation' the last government took us to the clearly visible, uneasy and antagonistic relationship with certain problem communities. Their answer? The thought crime of racism now ranks alongside murder in severity of prosecution and the ship of state presses blindly ahead with this multicultural madness.

Give the public their say and hanging would be brought back in a heartbeat. Instead we have somehow found ourselves in a culture where pursuing the victim instead of the criminal gives the police and the courts the results on which they are ultimately judged. Thieves go unpunished, but at least the ethnic poetry targets are met.

And so on and so forth... Diversity, inclusion, differentiation and a whole legion of 'isms' to obfuscate, excuse and evade the plain and simple truth that democracy died a long time ago.

The great unwashed are certainly unfit to actually run the country - Nobody wants a GCSE-Grade-C-er in charge of a bank, a corporation, the army or the NHS. But stupid as we clearly are, even we know the simple Sir Humphrey* truth that an inquiry will achieve the square root of fuck-all. Look at Leveson - what has that achieved other than being an expensive, diversionary spectacle for those sitting at home all day?

The public largely turns a blind eye to the lumbering machinations of state. As long as they get their gin and 'baccy they can largely be relied upon not to get involved. After all, who really cares if the world keeps turning and life goes on much as before? The government (and opposition, for that matter) has always counted on the natural political apathy of the proletariat to let them get on with their tinkering and legislating and interfering.

But we mushrooms can only take so much. Keep us in the dark and feed us shit, for sure... but don't shove it in our face.

Mushrooms at the gates!

(*If you don't know who Sir Humphrey is you're probably not old enough to be reading this. Run along now and play nicely!)

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  1. Sir Humphrey is a live and well even now.

    His Self-serving Empire is thriving and growing at the expense of everything else.

    Enquiry after enquiry will be find nothing as usual, although both elected and non-elected members of a former administration are now bricking it at the thought of 'Diamond Bob' spilling some very embarrassing bean later today.