Sunday 1 July 2012

Pity the children

We all know people who lie and cheat and steal. We are surrounded by them and more are arriving every minute. They infiltrate our society and demand more and more of our time and resources just to keep them fed and warm and to keep them under control. But, being the tolerant souls we are, we let these liars, cheats and thieves trample all over our carefully woven fabric of civilisation.

That's kids for you. As mere clothed monkeys of course they have only one aim in life and that is life itself. Left to develop without guidance they would continue to act amorally and outside the laws that keep the rest of us in check. One of the first essential parental duties is to steadily inculcate the behaviour expected of a fully-functioning, contributory member of society. And then, in adult life, it is our individual duty to maintain those cultural norms. Our prisons are full of those who have been unsuccessful in curbing their natural animal instincts.

But it's not just the prisons, is it? The infantile mental state of believing you can lie and cheat your way through life extends throughout our society. In fact, it seems, the higher you climb - you monkey you - the closer you get to your animal instincts to lie and cheat and steal.

So is it any wonder that those who constantly lie to us about everything believe they can continue to get away with it because history appears to vindicate this course of action? We are lied-to about taxation and spending. We are lied-to about educational performance. We are lied-to about our involvement in foreign affairs and we are lied-to about Europe on a daily basis as if WE were the children.

Shiny Dave will do everything to avoid a meaningful referendum on the gravy train. And in his twisted book, 'everything;' includes a promise to hold such a referendum. A promise which - like all the others - will be broken. But it doesn't matter, does it? Because despite your iron resolve to vote us out of the expensive monstrosity you (and no doubt, I) will meekly accept the lie of a renegotiation.

There IS only one way to deal with the Europe question. We either accept it, go along with its subjugation and become part of a monolithic Marxist state, or we leave it to its own rotting demise and return to happy self determination. Belief in any other option - as has been shown for almost four decades is denial of the plain truth. When children do this - saying they haven't lied or cheated or stolen, we have ways of correcting their behaviour.

So, where's the naughty step for politicians?


  1. I totally agree with this, but will go a step further, Morals and Values are two of the main stones in our foundation of life, sadley many people have lost them along the way, the establishment which we our selves have created represent the people of the country, which says enough. Money and Power seem to have taken the place of Morals and Values, the big question is, how can we do a turn around?? do you have the answer!!

  2. Indeed I do. It's the title of my blog!

    I also agree entirely with your stand on morals and values. They have been lacking in our political leaders for a generation or more and the infantilisation of the electorate, buying votes through increased reliance on the state is a major factor in the decline.

    If you do not take responsibility for yourselves and your families you end up in the mire we are currently wading through. Discipline, hard work and harsh penalties need to be reinstated and the country must learn to live within its means.

    It won't happen though - you can't take back what you've given away. Which is why I'm off before the Muslims try to install their version of what we've lost and civil war breaks out.

  3. My friend I got out of the UK when thatcher got in, but still have family there. I live in holland, where things are done in the open, not behind closed doors, which does seems to work far better. I agree with you entirely about both Civil war and radical Muslims, which I am also very afraid of happening all through europe! with eurogeddon just around the corner it looks like it did in the 1930's I didnt live through it then, but have read enough about it to know it wasnt a walk in the park!!
    only when the people rise up against #capatilism (which they wont) will there ever be a chance of real change. There is as you say no way to go back!

  4. Capitalism is not the enemy here. Capitalism is what drives trade. What is needed is a return to individual responsibility and a free meritocracy, coupled with effective curbs - legal and/or moral - on undesirable behaviour from criminality to blatant profiteering.

  5. We need to get out of Europe first, then renegotiate.
    I can already hear those Maybach diesels warming up all along the Franco-German Border already..........
    Home Guard here I come!

  6. Nah, Trish, just get out and stay out. See tomorrow's instalment!