Sunday 8 July 2012

Solar, so good.

A certain Mr Hitler knew the benefits of propaganda; say something often enough and emphatically enough and it becomes true. So it is with the Greens. Yes, you heard me, I'm comparing the Greens to Hitler. So fervently do they believe their claims that they never question their validity, so sure are they of their mission that they never think for a moment of the suffering they cause. To the ecology warriors, individual pain is nothing when you're saving the world.

But does the world need saving? And from whom? In my lifetime I have lived with the promised threat of nuclear Armageddon, rising sea levels wiping out whole countries and oil running out by nineteen-ninety. I watched as the predictions of wholesale skin cancer caused by the depletion of the ozone layer failed to come to pass and I observe, with wry amusement the roller-coaster of contradictions on nutrition; I forget now, is fat/sugar/coffee/chocolate/wine/etc good or bad for you this week?

So, if we can't say with any certainty whether or not Cadbury's might kill you, how is it likely that anybody knows what's really happening on a planetary level? It was called Global Warming for a long time and then, when predictions failed to fruit, it all of a sudden became Climate Change. (Notice any similarity with the equally unfathomable, name-changing European Confidence Trick?) So, come on The Greens, is the temperature getting higher or lower (good game, good game!)

But it doesn't matter, does it? With the incredible power of modern-day minority lobbying they have infiltrated the minds of a generation and infected the politicosphere and just as with welfare, the NHS and fluffy kittens, created a criticism-free zone. That is, feel free to criticise, but expect to be labelled a right-wing, frothing loon for having the temerity to challenge heir touchy-feely, all-join-hands doctrine.

So, back to Hitler, by which of course I mean back to the German Solution [<LINK]. It's because of Nazi Green propaganda that Merkel's minions have been coerced into paying through the nose for solar photovoltaic microgeneration on  a scale which is anything but micro. As the article itself says, "Photovoltaics are fundamentally incapable of replacing any other type of power plant." and "From a climate standpoint, every solar plant is a bad investment," and yet it is climate change that is the stated reason behind every one of these expensive mistakes.

The moral of the story? Stop looking for international solutions to problems we don't have and just help yourself. You'll do more for your planet (and your pocket) simply by switching off unused equipment, not running heating with all your doors and windows open and wearing a jumper instead of wearing out the thermostat. Oh and voting for a party - any party - with a healthy level of scepticism for any form of political intervention in social issues. Good luck with that!

PS: Especially for Rachel - because of her comment below: