Saturday 14 July 2012

The tip of the iceberg

A controversial ban on circumcision has roused a pointed protest in Germany.

Muslim and Jewish groups are tumescent with outrage, Rabbis and Imams coming together to stand erect, side by side.

"At the end, it's no laughing matter", spat out one prominent member "and we won't be shrinking from our responsibilities to our members." At the crowning moment, the very apex of his speech, he ejaculated, "This has to end! There must be a cut-off point!" and to roars of approval from the swelling crowd, "Stop dicking about with tradition!"

Likening the ban - as always - to the atrocities wrought in the holocaust he delayed his climax until the last possible moment, "We will not give headway until this matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties!" The crowd subsided, happy and spent after all their exertions.

A protesting Nazi penis, yesterday

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