Wednesday 15 August 2012

Ding dong the witch is... Oh.

The Iron Lady lives on to infuriate small-minded people another day. Yesterday a bogus Twitter account @OfficialSkyNews reported that she had died and this false news triggered outpourings of glee and the popping of champagne corks in the households of all kinds of Socialist and in the supposed caring communities who have long harboured a death wish on her behalf.

So much for the moral high ground allegedly occupied by the left. To them Mrs Thatcher embodied the whole ideology of (boo!) Nasty Tory and yet the hypocrisy of their premature dancing on her grave is entirely lost in their irony-free world. Theirs is a world where serious attempts to slim down the wasteful behemoths of state-run services are derided in favour of the ideological approach of over-feeding; killing with self-congratulatory kindness and turning a blind eye to the bloated results.

Watching the BBC2 documentary 'In their own words'  about the 2011 riots, which the Thatcher-haters would dearly love to pin on her, some twenty years after leaving office, it was clear that the looters were acting out sheer greed and self-interest, a human trait that crosses all social divides and affiliations. To continue to blame everything bad in the world on one person when it is largely due to a fundamental flaw in all of us is a pivotal plank of their political philosophy. 

But so strong is the hatred in the hearts of the raving reds that they are utterly blind to the notion that the alternative might have been so much worse. And to imagine for one second that a single thing will change when an old and much-loved lady dies is nothing but a form of collective denial of the facts of human existence. So, put away the fizz and blow out the candles, Lefties. Take down the bunting, get back to work and take a moment to think about what you've done.

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