Monday 20 August 2012

Hysterical Bias

I was alerted yesterday to this apparently pernicious EU p lot to brainwash tender young minds into becoming Euro-sheep.


Well, I was brought up on Sixties psychological cold-war claptrap such as The Avengers (Phwoaar! diana Rigg!) and the notion that a tone sent over the phone could be used to kill and an assassin could be scrambled before you could even say 'Manchurian'.

What to believe?

But anyway, in the United Dingdom I will infiltrate the minds of our youth and fill them with disgusting thoughts of triumphng by teir own endeavours and only rewarding exempary behaviour and performance.

I wil tell them hideous non-truths such as that only pretty people will get to be models and only clever people will earn degrees. That'll shit 'm right up fo' sho'>

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