Wednesday 23 January 2013

Shirts & Skins

Well, there’s plenty of huffing and puffing about ‘Yerp’ this week, for today’s the day the Tory propaganda machine begins its four-year campaign to lie and spin and scare the Bejasus out of an electorate which, while it has no idea how food gets to its table, or how the muggle magic of mobile telephony could possibly work, nevertheless holds, each one of them, a precious vote in its otherwise insignificant, tiny hand.

Many a mickle makes a muckle and Europhiles everywhere are happy to get their hands mucky in this dirtiest and shabbiest of all tricks. For, while all the time double-speaking about democracy, they plot to deliver the citizens of the United Kingdom, shackled and hamstrung into tyranny. Our laws, our economy, our very history is intended to be bought and owned and altered by an unelected secretariat who will answer to nobody as they wreck millions of lives, while pulling the strings of The Press to spread happy lies. 

For his part, Cameron thinks he just has to do enough to scare the shit out of everybody and they'll vote for the devil they think they know. Buoyed up on lovely Labour welfare for decades and not yet seeing any of the supposed cuts that are resulting in a massive increase in public spending, the average Joe will only know he was quite well off for a while and now he risks losing the lot. 

But losing the lot of what? I imagine a civilised and prosperous country has wide, clean city vistas of tree-lined boulevards, where throngs of contented folk gambol in easy harmony as they go about their pain-free lives. They work in safe, clean environments and return to modern, happy homes where they relax by indulging in whatever leisure pursuit suits their mood and later retire to live long, restful days in the dappled rural sunshine. 

I struggle to see where ethnic gangs, roaming our filthy back streets, fit comfortably into this picture. I don’t see a happy country having overcrowded mono-cultural ghettoes in between sub-cultural slums, where pregnant teenagers and verminous illiterate young men choose drug and dole dependency over dignity and purpose. In my imaginings, worthwhile people don’t seek amusement in violently abusing the emergency services they fraudulently call to their aid. 

Either version of Britain comes at a cost, but who’s going to pay for it? You gotta pick a pocket or two, so you have to have some pockets to pick. And those whose pockets are worth a dip are wise to events and eager to have a say in the manner of their ransacking. David Cameron is going to spout off today, in his much-vaunted and leaked speech, that he doesn't want Britain to leave ‘Yerp’ but that he wants a renegotiation of our relationship. 

Well, that’s just not good enough for a huge proportion of working UK citizens and it’s time to pick sides. Shirts or skins? We’ll play shirts; big, bright, Union Flag shirts, on our side of the English Channel. The rest can wear whatever multicultural skins they want, but they can stay on the continent. 

Back off, Barroso!

When we eventually secede from the European Union (if it doesn't happen now, or in four years, it will happen, possibly by bloody means at some time in the future) we can still have a relationship with Europe. They can be our poor neighbour. 

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  1. If you join a club or a gang (and in the case of theEU the latter is a more apt description) and you cannot leave legally then you have to sever the ties dramatically.

    As all our major parties are committed to us being in the EU (one can only assume they aware of something of benefit for all that is impossible to translate for the benefit of ordinary people) then we have little hope of anything but a violent wrenching away.

    I have no idea how many bricks it would take to seal the Chunnel, and I doubt we have enough boats to patrol our southern and eastern coasts (though we need them all round as the devious lowlifes in Eire will cling to Europe and Scotland, if ever independent, will rush to become the new sub-Latvia) and there seems little desire in securing our borders.

    A reduced army of course helps Europe; we aren't going to be able to secede if we haven't got the men to bear arms. NuLab demonstrated that we could cheerfully send our forces into a pointless conflict without the proper equipment so there's no reason to think the current lot will seek to equip fewer men and women effectively.

    I am always puzzled why politicians, who by their nature have egos the size of Texas, are happy to play second or third fiddle to Brussels. I accept they are still well rewarded and are 'feted' at home for doing fuck all but rubber-stamp what the EU says, yet it is weird they want to be class monitors instead of headmasters. Sure we may argue occasionally about the size of the slice of cake and the amount of crumbs we receive in return for the whole cake we hand over each year but apparently our so-called leaders never notice the imbalance.

    Handing out the EU-dictated exercise books must be as good as it gets for these people.

    As I say, our politicians all see a benefit that we can't. It must be like fairy dust: you can't see or touch what it is or even argue logically for it, but it makes everything better. With a tinkling sound.

    Of course the gap between us and the people in Westminster grows daily, and increasingly fewer of us believe them, fewer still trust them and more and more will stop voting for them. But that doesn't matter to them because not only are key planks of the media in their pockets but democracy still works if 99 per cent of the people don't vote. You will still have an approved member of parliament if only eight people vote with five people voting for one person, three people voting for the other and 238,974 people abstaining from the process.

    At least the recounts will be quick.

    So if we are irrelevant, and unarmed and powerless, then the dissatisfaction grows. In time it will spill into violence (though the lefty violence makers are so much better at this already and they will fight for the 'state') and eventually it may come to a war between us and Europe.

    Perhaps, if America hasn't gone too far down the road of Obama and his socialist leanings we might appeal to them as allies, though it might mean we have to become the 51st state...