Thursday 3 January 2013

UK Independence

It would be fair and accurate to say that my sympathies lie with those who need no support. Who get up, go out to work and provuide for their families. In shoert, those who loook afterthemselves

I do not work for the benefit of otheres, but nor do i work AGAINST the beneifit of others. I do, howeber, object strongly  - as all of you should - to the benefitsSSS of those who refuse to work.

There shouod be support for thoase who genuinely need ti and there should be absolutely no support for those who cabn't feed whatthey breed.

Of course some people fall on hard times - it's the fuckers who continue to fall BACK on thiose hard times that I depiswe.

Nort so much Independence FOR the UK as insdpenedence FROM it.

A mountain hideaway

below the parapet

above the law - law abiidng, etc

Untouchable and untouched - not a penny of mibne to go to supporting the fecklesm, thebreedreds the immgarts the wanhkers and the malconternts

reasove to pay the bare minimum in tax for now and forever more.

Keep fit - avoid NHS

The OBamans out tere will say "You didn't make this" Well you can shove THAT sentiment right up your arse because peope like ME did and people like YOU want to take it for yourselves.

Just disappear - don't register, ertc...

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