Thursday 13 November 2014

All change!

Forgive me, Blogger, for I have sinned. It has been many days since my last rant; I have committed a sin of omission. (Been busy, innit?) Now, where do I start? Did we, or didn’t we ‘halve’ the EU demand for more of ‘our’ dosh? Did we, or didn’t we have a debate on the European arrest warrant? And did we, or didn’t we regain powers to limit benefit receipt by new immigrants to this country? (Hint: We didn’t, we didn’t & we didn’t) Events over the last week or so have only confirmed, to any who would listen, that Westminster is so firmly in thrall to Jean Monnet’s  Federal European Project that without some form of revolution Britain will soon become a mere collection of European regions, if it isn’t already.

But I no longer want a referendum. Michael Portillo is right; the euro-sceptics will lose and then we will be fucked for at least another lost generation or two. But despite hollow promises to reform the EU the intention of all three of the main parties – beyond a very small number of rebels – is for us to remain in the European Union, whatever their ultimate plan for the demise of European nation states. The Conservatives are bought and paid for and Labour has long lost its validity as the party of the working man. Ed Miliband clearly showed that, siding with the CBI over Europe. Why would the CBI not support a movement which gave it unfettered access to the cheapest work force, knowing the state would take up the slack of those unwaged as a result?

And what of the likes of Russell Brand and Owen Jones? Juvenile politics based on wild dreams and unsubstantiated theories, waved on by the flags of a million foot-stamping children who think the world is just not fair? Of course it’s not fair; have you seen humans? Their faux revolution is perfect for the established parties because while it gathers no real momentum and has no policies to speak of, its muddled supporters – the radfems, the loonies, the greens, ‘da kidz'; the fucking idiots in the ‘V’ masks – while they are not squabbling amongst themselves know deep within their anti-corporate souls that UKIP is their enemy because the people who sell them their ‘barista’ coffee, customise their iPhones and sweatshop their tee-shirts have told them so.

Not the bankers. Not royalty. Not the business leaders. Not politicians. Who is going to lead us, anarchists? No, dear Holmes, once you have eliminated the usual, you are left with the inevitable, which brings us to UKIP themselves and the fact that nobody realising quite what they stand for is one of their biggest assets. What UKIP really stands for is very simply ‘none of the above’. The traditional parties’ response to UKIP’s popularity surge? To repeatedly call them ‘populist’, opportunist racists and fruitcakes. Nigel himself could not have dreamed up a better campaign. With every dispossessed voter roundly insulted for even considering the switch is it even surprising that this rebellious surge has not been halted?

Those polls that everybody likes to disregard when they arrive at the ‘wrong’ conclusions? Well, the public on the whole doesn’t have an informed opinion on anything very much until the polls themselves tell them what to think – it’s like propaganda, don’tcha know - and while nobody expects UKIP to have any of the answers to any of the problems, with each upward notch their support grows. You don’t have to be politically engaged to see that nobody knows how to fix the NHS, border control, wages, rents, energy, trade, transport, foreign policy, law and order and any of the other issues that successive government have failed to satisfactorily order, but there is one answer that nobody has yet tried. Leave the EU and see what happens.

It only takes one to topple the lot.
Once one falls, they all fall.

The mere fact that the Europhile failures who have led us for so many years are so desperate to cling onto their posts is evidence enough, in the eyes of many more than just potential UKIP voters that something has to change. In Britain’s parliamentary democracy, such as it is, long-term incumbent governments eventually get thrown out, if only from sheer boredom at the monotony of it all. Why should it be any wonder that people are finally directing their ire at the longest incumbent government of all, the one blamed by every British government, for at least something, since its inception? I don’t want a referendum; I just want out.


  1. Word from Brussels is once you squeeze past the other porkers and get your nose in the EU trough it is utterly delicious.

  2. I don't understand our political class's reasons for their EU addiction. Essentially they are voting to make themselves redundant, by giving their powers to Brussels. Oh, hang on a mo, The Commons will just become another house of lords, with an even smaller workload. It's only us that get made redundant when your job no longer exists, isn't it? Silly Norm, please forget I asked.

  3. Note to Grumpy;

    Please read this blog on a regular basis.

  4. Good to see you're back, and thank you for a marvellous piece of writing. Over at Conservative Woman there is a piece about UKIP you might find interesting.

    Best regards

  5. Thank you. This one?

    1. Yes, that's the one. There is a lot of good stuff on the site, even for a male voter who wouldn't vote for 'call me Dave' if you paid my. Now, there -- that could be an idea ...