Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Out and Proud?

There can be few things more unedifying than seeing a man of principle hounded out of his job for saying what he believes. Unlike the majority of EU ‘Outers’ such as, admittedly, myself, John Longworth’s belief that Britain will be better off out is not driven merely by a visceral distrust of big state, federalist subjugation but by the very thing the Remainders have long been demanding of the Leave camp - objective analysis.

“Show me the money!” they say. Show the detailed facts and figures that prove the unprovable – that the economy won’t collapse the day after we leave. Show your working, they insist, smug in their complacent acceptance of a regime which for over forty years has remained steadfastly  unsatisfactory for even those who remember the hard years post-war. In fact it is those very people in the main, who dealt with the aftermath of World War II, who wish to return to being an independent nation. After all it is what their parents and grandparents fought for and they know it is right.

Not ‘a return to the nineteen fifties’ and not ‘a leap in the dark’ either, but a return to self-rule and the ability to hold our rulers to account. Younger people, who have never known a Britain outside the clutches of the European Union, only hear what sounds to them like old racists complaining about having to live in a diverse world. They have been brought up bombarded by soft propaganda and have been fed a diet of bullshit from birth. The whole ‘nation of immigrants’ canard is a falsehood that has been proved thus.

The population of Britain has changed more since 1948 than in the six thousand years previously, with a near homogenous genetic make-up* ever since the English Channel formed, cutting off the continent from civilisation. Not for nothing did Cecil Rhodes say that to be born English was to have won the lottery of life. We are - or were - a truly favoured race. Yet now we are in danger of dying out and which is worse, by our own hand.

They say, don’t change a winning formula. But sadly, great intelligence does not automatically go hand in hand with great wisdom and the thinkers and shapers of our modern age, liberal and guilt-ridden, have fallen wholesale for a myth; a meme which reproduces and spreads like smallpox through cloistered, privileged enclaves until it spills over and infects the general population. It seems that immunity to the socially-transmitted disease of diversity is only conferred by maturity and close observation.

They say we gain strength in diversity. So, the social divisions that are threatening to tear us apart forever is strength? Asked for evidence of this strength, as fear of strangers hardens like never before, they babble on aimlessly about ‘diverse cultural backgrounds bringing unique experiences and perceptions to the table’ and ‘diverse knowledge and skills leverage and strengthen teams' productivity’ and ’spending time with culturally diverse co-workers breaks down the subconscious barriers of ethnocentrism and xenophobia’. This sort of nebulous idiocy can be found plastered without thought on company websites the western world over and it is palpable horse shit.

Well then, they say, what about the cuisine? Curry, kebab, pizza, Chinese... fried chicken. You think because we’ve picked up a taste for the exotic that if we shored up our borders the spices would disappear? That takes a whole heap of gullible all by itself. We can have the benefit of the world outside without having to invite the whole world inside. We already did. In the new battle for Britain and in the face of forty years of evidence to the contrary, the onus is not on the optimistic leavers to prove that the future is bright, rather it is on the hapless remainders to show why staying in an abusive relationship is better.

*Professor Bryan Sykes: Blood of the Isles 


  1. Very well said, sir! Of all your fine posts, this one has to take the crown -- thank you, from one white Englishman to another.