Thursday, 30 March 2017


Well, I trust you all had a happy Brexit Day: 'Joyeux Brexite', as I like to say, full irony intended. Of course the day was never going to pass peacefully, a tactic that may have had more impact than the twitterwauling I came home to; sometimes it’s best to keep schtum. If you were attending a noisy street party in Brexit’s honour, or loudly toasting Good ol’ Nige down the pub then you did well to avoid the emergency water cannon action of the eternal party poopers of Remain.

But it would not be fair to let yesterday’s celebrations recede into folklore without taking a moment to thank all the people who brought it about and who are still doing their level best to make sure we don’t backtrack on the deal. The dedicated souls who have put themselves up for scrutiny with scarcely a thought for their safety or sanity. The brave soldiers for justice who openly declared their position in spite of the constant sniping from the opposition; who stood and continue to stand up for what they genuinely believe, despite the constant ridicule.

Yes, I’m talking about the bitter remoaners and their selfless dedication to reminding us just what it was we were really voting against. I’d like to say it was nothing personal but you know that isn’t true; as far as you lot are concerned it was highly personal – you made it that way: Telling me I was too stupid to vote. Saying I had insufficient information to cast a meaningful ballot. Insisting that to vote to leave, as I did, was unpatriotic, in direct defiance of the definition of patriotism.

But that wasn’t enough, was it? You wished me harm. You promised me harm. Daily, you spat threats in the direction of me and my family and every last person who has spent 40+ years under the yoke of your rabid devotion to the ‘progressive’ politics of Euroland. All dissent was quashed by the use of Newspeak, whereby the mildest objection to any imposition was met with accusations of racism and xenophobia. You claimed the minds of the young and moulded them to mimic your warped ideology and turned them against their parents and grandparents.

Not content with impugning our ability to come to sane conclusions you upped the threat level with your cliff edges and your abysses and your hyperbolic prophecies of doom. Look you said, look what you’re doing. Stop hitting yourselves, you bullied. And we stood there and took it all. But with every last blast of vituperation we hardened our resolve. Despite all that the massed, indoctrinated armies of the pro-EU camp still lost. So, thanks, remoaners, for daily reminding us exactly what it was that we voted against. Thanks for that, suckers.


If you think we Brexiteers are going to gloat for the rest of the week then rest assured, your wish is our command. But only that one wish, mind. Once we’ve got our breath back from laughing so hard we will be back on our guard, ready to resist as you mount yet more failed campaigns to subvert the process, until the scales fall from the eyes of even those who voted to remain. Was there any other news yesterday? *thinks* Nope. I can’t think of a single thing as broad as that 17.4 million-man grin. As for that cliff edge – look at all the Remain lemmings hurtling towards it.


  1. Hate to say it, but the battle is still not over. Hardcore Remainers in positions of influence (& there are many) will try to get us back in. The relentless flow of propaganda continues from the BBC (we should get something done about that)

  2. Being the perennial pessimist I do not share your confidence. These rabid remoaners are not going to give up. Scum is a name I would confer on them as their actions and rhetoric clearly label them as such. However scum has an awful propensity to rise to the top.

  3. I hope that the remoaners will finally put away their little blue and yellow 'ring of arseholes' flags and accept, but... nah. These people not only believe they can ignore reality but are desperate to show they want to defy the consequences of ignoring reality. The Gina Millers are merely drawing breath.

    But at least we the people now know (if we ever in any doubt) who are enemies are. The Blairs and Corbyns and Heseltines and various strange pop singers are set against us. So, we know not to buy whatever they are selling, so that helps. We can't stop them being idiots hell bent on the destruction of our nation, but we can try to not make them rich.

  4. Now it's vital to hold the pols feet to the fire to ensure the most satisfactory terms for Britain. The EU is like the wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain; all bluff and bluster.