Wednesday, 8 March 2017

You reckon?

There is something fundamental about humans and how they function. Competition. It’s how we became the dominant species that some of us belong to and why we continue to evolve along so much more than merely biological pathways. One troupe of chimps is pretty much like another, one ants’ nest near identical to all the rest. But humans, we practically speciate at will; we try things out, we adopt different solutions until some groups become convivially incompatible with others, making breeding practically impossible. Of course, some of these socio-evolutionary forks lead to dead ends and the extinction of the branch.

Take left and right, for example. Right generally means conservative, or sticking to tradition while left means ‘progressive', unhappy with the status quo and trying new ways of dividing society. But while new buds can look exciting and vibrant and fresh in the springtime, they can also wither and die. Conservatism remains, however, because it is the trunk of the tree, the super-highway responsible for fast-tracking us to our current supremacy. Conservatism is where we retreat to when the adventure sours, because it works.

For some years western societies have been experimenting with an oddly inhuman idea; equality. Under this doctrine it is dangerous heresy to suggest that any one person has status above another. Heaven forfend, sayeth The Left, that any man should consider his opinion to be weightier than the rest. One man, one vote and the combined mass of all these equal expressions of desire shall be evaluated and let the majority decision hold sway. And yea there was a great consultation among all these millions of equal people... after which it was decided that the few hundreds in the House of Lords should have the power to overrule the demos.

‘Parliamentary Democracy’ they repeat, as if they genuinely don’t understand why those of the conservative bloc no longer wish to support the cul-de-sac that the EU and so-called progressive thought represents. Having swamped our formerly successful nations with unsustainable difference and demanded preferential treatment for the waifs and strays and undesirables; having elevated criminals to special needs, victim status and denigrated the working backbone of society; in the face of the palpable failure of this dead branch of social experiment, still they demand to be suckled by the teat of the taxpayer.

Down the EU’s evolutionary expedition is a form of equality in which a Britain has sunk from first place – a long time ago – to 27th in mathematics. Where attempts to bring back grammar schools is not greeted with an enthusiasm for improvement but derided as a throwback. Where the largest empire the world has ever seen has become a mere province of a sclerotic and failing administration. And all due to a misguided buying into an unsustainable ideal where all must win and none may fail. Even language has been conscripted to maintain this illusion.

A Lord contemplates his future...

But we don’t want equality, equality is neither normal nor desirable; we need to have both winners and losers, the way nature intended. We want the power and the right to invoke selection, competition and triumph, which necessarily means some will fail. This is the natural order. They messed with it and will now reap what they sowed; the clamour to abolish the House ofLords has never been greater and with last night’s vote they lost any respect they had as a reforming house by blatantly crippling the most straightforward of bills. When Britain leaves the EU – properly leaves it – there is going to be a reckoning.

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  1. Sooner than that, I think. GE this year increasingly likely.