Thursday, 23 March 2017

London Falls?

What do you say about yesterday? Plenty of people, while the events were being headlined around the world - islamic style, out-of-the-blue vehicle attacks on innocent people and the stabbing of a policeman by a man with an islamic beard in the pattern of all the other recent atrocities perpetrated in the name of islam - were urging us not to jump to conclusions.

Then the usual concerns were voiced that islamic communities needed to be protected against reprisal attacks, or worse, harsh words. Lots of whining comments were raised in support of 'British muslims' and no doubt we will see victim support going out to those same communities while commentators take to the airwaves to explain how this is nothing to do with islam.

I have said it repeatedly, prompted by seeing the progressive, self-created ghettoisation of islamic communities from many decades ago. Then seeing the government-inflicted acceleration of utterly unwanted segregation caused by unchecked immigration from worthless countries; immigrants who come only to take and then to breed and impose their own culture above that of those they displace.

Parts of Britain are no longer British. Millions of the population have no love of this country and play no part in it. The longer it goes on the more secure they feel, the more entrenched. And as muslims gain ever more influence in public office there is a genuine sense of retreat in those who are supposed to protect us from harm. Even when their hate-preachers openly declare death to the west and the supremacy of islam by violent means, our governments stand helpless.

It is not enough to react to events we were powerless to prevent. It is time our leaders were grown up enough to question the fairy-tale invention of multiculturalism and realise that while some of you shining examples of human evolution are capable of denying the truth, the rest of us are too stupid to believe that lie. Diversity is not strength, it is weakness, the fracture lines running along cultural divides. And not everybody can hold two allegiances or more as equally important.

London, yesterday. This is islam.

So, once again, I conclude there really is no such thing as a 'British muslim'. You are a national of the country which houses, feeds and protects you and with which you identify, or you are a muslim who denounces all of that in favour of a primitive superstition which tells you to treat all others as dirt. It's time for some hard decisions to be made; are you with us, or against us? And if you don't speak out and leave your cult you make it absolutely clear which one it is.

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  1. The truth and it's consequences are crystal clear but those who have the position of power and influence to adequately deal with do not have the wit or maturity in which to do it. History tells us that we will follow the usual pattern. Descend into a dark age then through a series of unpleasant stages each a little less harsh than the one before until a new functioning society is born. For the cycle to start all over again.