Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Noodle Soup

It’s here! Happy Article 50 Day! So many days to celebrate: June 23rd, June 24th when we woke up to smell a distant scent of freedom on the breeze and now March 29th, oh happy days! But wait, it’s only the start. Every day of the next couple of years, every step of the way, is going to be fought by the logical absurdity, the alphabet noodle soup, which is the left wing of politics.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, studying the history, taking odd – very odd – detours down various conspiracy streets and I’ve come to the conclusion, not surprisingly, that I’m right. Not just about everything, which is taken as read, but on the nominal right of that nominal dividing line... where the best of us live. Everybody knows what a lefty is, pretty much – we’ll get to that – but it gets rather difficult to define the right except insofar as you know one when you see one. With few exceptions ‘the right’ doesn’t really have factions as such but more atomises towards individual rights and responsibilities, with clusters based on the family molecule.

You pretty much know where you are when you are in the company of people who generally advocate a live and let live approach, tempered with a bit of common sense when it comes to how people live their lives. Don’t hurt others, don’t expect a free ride and if you fuck up, don’t expect others to always be there to dig you out, especially when it comes to money. The right is the broth, the clear uncomplicated matrix which supports all the elements of the soup. Which makes the left the noodles, the pearl barley, the lentils; all the diverse bits which don’t easily blend in but nevertheless provide texture and intrigue.

I’m not playing the tired old racist, sexist, ageist, homoislamophobic bigot, etc when I ponder the make-up of the anti-Brexit crowd. If we were to examine the represented interests among the visible remain campaigners I’m betting there would be a far greater than ‘normal’ representation of the following groups of strange bedfellows:
·         ‘Humanists’
·         The homeless
·         Superannuated hippies
·         The mentally challenged
·         Pissed-up students
·         NHS Party apparatchiks
·         NUT-affiliated teachers
·         ‘Philosophers’
·         The workshy (see above)
·         White people with dreadlocks...
Plus, of course, the assorted flotsam and jetsam of the LGBTQI++double-plus-plus-double-good  community; a minority actually made up of minorities. Clumps of coagulating oddness occasionally coalescing into sticky masses of less than flavoursome clag, refusing to meld into the whole soup and ruining the dish.

They talk of division, but the division is of their own making; splitting society into ever more nuanced special-interest groups; slicing the community cake thinner and thinner. And the thing that separates the world of standards and order and mutual respect and actual equal rights from the world of the left? They want the world they despise to pay for the world they imagine they want; a world of free-for-all and damn the expense, somebody else will pick up the tab.

Really? You're not helping...

But you know, from today they have the perfect opportunity to make amends for all the trouble they have caused, all the hurt they have engendered. If they want to participate in a world fit to bring their children into they could, instead of trying to sabotage Brexit, get behind it. Instead of being the gritty irritants that lodge between your teeth to irritate, they could do their bit to try and mix with the rest of the UK house soup. Think of Brexit as the dental floss that clears away all the crap.


  1. Finally. We've talked about it for a long time, actively campaigned, and now here it is. Not before time too.

    This isn't where it ends though. Verhofstadt's poorly timed, crass and highly emotional response in his first press conference today, outlined a hardline stance to any successful negotiations taking place.

    He's outlined a position that is simply untenable, he's effectively saying that there can be no trade deal without political union, and that we can't begin to negotiate new deals until we actually leave. This is unacceptable and unworkable, and he won't get support for it.

    What it comes down to is this, and it's an enormously strong position for a UK negotiator... no political operator will be able to remain in position if they are costing businesses and jobs, and that's what Verhofstadt is threatening to do.

    Take Hollande for instance 'the UK must be punished'. What is he going to do? Close all of his vineyards out of spite? That should help his cause... right on!

    They'll not be able to 'stop the march of the right' with that attitude will they?

    Yes security obviously is a big issue, the EU has flooded the Schengen area with ISIS. They've said as much themselves. Thanks to their immigration idiocy, we are all at significantly more risk.

    It's going to be an interesting period of time, and one that I am optimistic about. Their hardline approach won't be acceptable to citizens anywhere in the EU or the UK. We have to be strong and prepared for that. The citizens will speak for themselves.

    This period needs to be led with positive, can-do people, with a strong knowledge of trade and negotiating. Now isn't the time for weak Farron rats, philanderers or flouncers.

    It's time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the strong from the weak, and bang the drum abroad as soon as possible. We need to get out there in Europe, visiting key players in our strongest markets, to make them aware of what could happen if extremists like Verhofstadt have too much influence.

    Money talks, and so does business, and they'll have the last word on this.

    1. Yep. And from where I'm standing everything looks positive.