Monday 13 March 2017

On the Eve of A50?

Project Fear was defeated but, undeterred, its big brother Project Craven Cowardice is back and in full force as the weeping, garment-rending alliance gathers its troops and mounts its most pathetic attempts yet to continue the failed campaign to keep Britain as much in the EU as possible. Claiming to respect the vote whilst simultaneously insisting that those who voted were poor-quality, low-information ‘populists’ is a mealy mouthed hypocrisy that effectively states, “We didn’t really lose; we’re still better than you are, the UK needs the EU and we will bring this country to its knees to prove it.”

These oh-so-clever people believe there is such a thing as ‘EU funding’ which, to mere simpletons like me just looks like a re-labelling of the portion of our fees that we are graciously given back in the guise of largesse. And they get to tell us how to spend it, which, if you are stupid as I am, appears as if we are effectively paying for pro-EU propaganda; the propaganda that has worked so successfully... on the high-information voters. It doesn’t work on us because we are too unintelligent to ever be able to understand the fiscal genius by which 2 + 2 equals 5.

We have not the wit to comprehend how giving somebody back ten times in benefits what they pay in direct taxation can be portrayed as a vital contribution to the economy. Nor how by depressing wages, increasing financial dependence on the state and flooding the country with uncontrolled, unrecorded and unwanted immigration and the social tensions it brings, we are somehow participating in a wonderful enrichment of our culture. We simply cannot process the received wisdom of our betters, by which diversity is an unalloyed good, against which no voice may be raised, even while throughout Europe capital cities burn as multiculturalism reaches critical mass and spontaneously combusts.

During original Project Fear the high-information minority, the informed elites, ostentatiously flaunted the greatest of their gifts – clairvoyance. Were we to vote to leave, even that simple decision would bring about the end of days in many forms.  It must be somewhat disappointing for those great and good seers, that we have not experienced the predicted plagues, emergency budgets, financial meltdowns and the breakdown of society as jackbooted brownshirts set lynch-mobs on the innocent victims of the vote.

Leaping off the cliff edge into the unknown...

For those who were gulled into voting Remain, rather than voting with their conscience, or with their heart; persuaded that by doing so they were securing the future of their country against the rise of the right and the penury of being a third rank nation, it must also be a big disappointment. Would they have succumbed to Project Fear if they had realised that in doing so they would be associated with peddlers of anti-patriotic sneering arrogance and disdain? Would they have voted to Remain if they had known how their pessimism would be used to fuel hatred of the majority who voted the other way? It’s almost as if they didn’t really know what they were voting for...

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