Friday, 7 September 2018

It’s not right

Another day goes by and once again the world of social media solves all the world’s problems to their entire satisfaction. I have been watching the war of words for a long time now and I think it is safe to say that nobody has the answers; at least nobody ELSE has the answers. To this end we can more usefully divide people into two broad groups, not simply on left/right lines but into dependent/independent camps. And yes, there is some correlation between left and dependent and with the right and self-determination, but when it comes to defining the right there still appears to be some confusion.

It’s not right-wing to use violent mobs to achieve your aims. In fact mob disorder, civil disobedience and its attendant, out-of-control looting and vandalism are pretty regular features of the now almost routine disruption of the capital’s smooth functioning by almost exclusively leftist groups. Antifa are a particularly noxious example of a supposed anti-right movement engaging in all the intimidating behaviour of which they accuse their nemesis.

It’s not right wing to want firm borders to control immigration and to oppose the imposition of third-world mores in a country once revered for its high standards in public life. In fact it is those communities most often described by their saintly protectors on the left as ‘the most vulnerable in society’ who are disproportionately disadvantaged by mass immigration: wages, welfare, housing schooling, social services and on and on are negatively impacted by the flood of non-contributing incomers.

It is not right wing to be happy to pay a reasonable amount of tax, but not to be milked. The only people who clamour for tax rises are those who don’t pay it, those who won’t be disadvantaged by it, or those who are outside the reach of the taxman. Plenty of higher earners with left-leaning principles enjoy the privileges of tax avoidance in one form or another. The Archbishop of Canterbury could set an example by redistributing some of the church’s untaxed wealth, but of course, they will need that money to protect the men in purple frocks from future legal action...

It is also not right that some, many, people are not willing to accept that the country is leaving a leftist bloc whose behaviour towards us during ‘negotiations’ has not been that of a friendly ally but of a deadly foe. A form of Stockholm syndrome, a weary submission to higher authority seems to have possessed those in the Remain tent. Not for nothing do they dismiss Leavers as belonging to ‘the far right’, invoking some association with the rise of Hitler. Populism, they say, is the destructive force when it seems to me it is the opposite; who wants to be unpopular?

Now the evidence is in, they insist, we need to put it to another ‘people’s vote’, by which they mean they’ve convinced themselves they will win this time. If there is evidence of anything it seems to be that Remainers will do whatever it takes to make Brexit a failure, if not in reality, at least in fable. It seems then that it is Brexiteers who are optimistic, excited and eager to get on and make a success of life beyond the EU.

In the world after Brexit, is there really any point in continuing to trust those who would do us down and blame every setback on we lumpen proletariat who dared to wish for better? Do we want a country run by angry, bitter losers, determined to prove their doom-laden thesis, or do we need to look to the optimists, the pioneers and those who have a real vision for a future unencumbered by the dead, lead weight of Brussels?

Is there a third way?

If you want to blame Brexit on the rise of the right then go ahead; nobody is listening any more. The pessimism, the mistrust in the electorate, the mundane, lacklustre mediocrity of those politicians who cleave to the dependency of leftist institutions should be consigned to history. Wanted - we should advertise -  a new political class who believes in Britain, believes in the British and will put the UK’s interests ahead of those of unaccountable Brusselseaucrats. It’s the way ahead folks; it’s only right.


  1. Good well written article. As one who has been surrounded by the baying rent a mobs of the left simply for trying to attend a right wing party convention I wholly agree with your sentiments. We are a country of freedom and free speech BUT only if you do and say what the left agrees with. We are at a very dangerous point in history and if we fail to preserve our hard won freedom of expression we are well on our way to becoming a new east Germany.

    1. The left have done a brilliant job of occupying the moral high ground, but they have overplayed their hand and now look like nothing more than a bunch of naive spoiled, brats, calling everybody who disagrees with them a Nazi and generally looking very, very foolish.