Thursday, 13 September 2018

Situation Abnormal

Ken Clarke said she was a bloody difficult woman; it seems she is worse than that. Theresa May has won again. Despite being possibly the worst-regarded Prime Minister in living memory she is still – and it seems will be for some time – firmly in post and if anything might be strengthening her grip on the party. The hideous Chequers ‘deal’ via which we tear up our membership card, but still pay the fees and abide by the rules is looming large and it seems that we are going to get a settlement which is equally unacceptable to everybody. What in the name of hell is going on?

The rebellion is over and done with, MPs putting their jobs ahead of any principles they once pretended to hold. The European Research Group has backed down and mumbled something unintelligible about it not being their job to come up with an alternative, even though that is exactly what they were telling us days ago. Ian Duncan Smith, bizarrely, came out of the woodwork and issued a weird rebuke about people being ‘silly’; it was a hideously unrehearsed, clumsy and targetless little rant which made him sound not like an authoritative figure, but a random heckler in the crowd.

And Boris, the straw-headed man, cowardly lion and clown prince of Parliament, has bottled it once again and gone into hiding. A couple of days ago we heard open talk of toppling the PM, with a challenge to be mounted even before conference. This morning we are told rumours of, maybe, an April coup. April? By April Brexit will have been fumbled, passed to the opposition and drop-kicked between the posts to score a resounding victory for Brussels. The EU problem will not have been dealt with to anybody’s satisfaction and the war will rumble on.

War? Of course; we are at war; against our leaders; against their leaders; and against their leaders... and those who tell them what to do. If only we knew who any of these people were. This is what the whole Trump/Brexit/AfD/Front National/Orban rebellions are all about. Divide and rule, they say and boy have they achieved that. Here we are, pitchforks at the ready and we don’t even know which way to march but, blood up, we want to blacken a few eyes. Those orchestrating the madness are relying on us turning on ourselves and it seems to be working.

Under such circumstances the disjointed, inconsistent, hypocritical rainbow coalition of leftist causes is busily seducing the disenfranchised; anything must be better than what we’ve got, yes? Despite the Marxist rallying cry, the power has not been with the people for a long time and Jeremy Corbyn’s inclusive cant conceals the contempt of those in power towards those ruled - government is for the few, not for the many – and always will be.

Trust in nobody

It can’t be too late, surely, but it is clear that the New Tories will never deliver Brexit, Old Labour has no intention of doing so and nobody else has the teeth. There seems little point in trusting ANY political body to work for the good of the country so, once again we learn that we cannot rely on government. In or out of the EU, in peace or war, in sickness or in health, the only reliable mantra remains: every man for himself.

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  1. It will be interesting to see how Mrs May does at the conference. It would be wonderful if she was slow clapped and resigned but that's probably only a dream. The party membership does have much less to lose then sitting MPs so we can but hope. Our poor betrayed and battered nation needs the rapid rise of a reliable and principled right wing party, let's hope we see the one we can throw out weight behind soon, last year would not have been too soon.