Thursday, 20 September 2018

Not normal

What do you mean, you’re not gay? What’s wrong with you, boy? Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to assume your gender. Nor your sexuality, come to that. Or, even, your lack of either. You have to feel sorry for Frank Oz, getting stick from the leftists for daring to innocently explain that Bert and Ernie are puppets, that have neither the apparatus nor the inclination to engage in the whole gender war clusterfuck that parts of our society have become hostage to.

There is an entire panoply of departures from normality which are considered not only tolerable, but acceptable in society today, with very little in the way of checks and balances. You think you are a trans-female lesbian – a man, who wants to be a woman, who wants to fuck women? Go ahead, be our guest, but you do know that the equipment you were born with is actually designed to perform in alignment with your sexual preferences.

You are eight years old; what do you mean, you haven’t selected your gender? By not only recognising abnormality – departures from the majority, the norm, the things most people identify with - but in trying to normalise it, some quarters are practically eulogising difference. Cohesive societies are founded not on difference, but on common ground. And one of the common grounds of civilised western societies is a tolerance for the minorities who don’t exhibit the traits of the majority.

But we are creating problems which barely exist, proposing solutions which merely create more problems; trying so hard to incorporate the needs, the demands of ultra-minority into our national portrait that we are blurring lines and in particular we are confusing those who most need order. This article clearly warns of the dangers: “It would appear, from these productions, that the BBC is glamourising transgenderism for children – telling them that any confusion can be easily swept away with the magic of changing clothing and hairstyles, using different pronouns and taking a few pills.

If everything goes, is there anything which doesn’t go? The worldwide Pride events are becoming more and more demonstrations not of genuine pride in shared identity but garish, almost threatening visions of a world with no rules.  'This parade and costumes designed by Hieronymus Bosch – abandon hope all ye who enter here', especially the young and impressionable. As the barriers fall, nothing can be deemed unacceptable for debate. Next up, the normalisation of paedophilia?

The new normal?

Listen, if promoting the kinds of sexuality that the more avant-garde elements of the Pride fraternity/sorority (What term to use? Even ‘family’ may offend) is deemed acceptable, nay desirable, how can you reject non-violent, consensual sex between an under-sixteen and an over-twenty? Has anybody asked Bill Wyman? Quite rightly, the law draws a line, but who is drafting the borders around gender and sexual normality? Why, those who want no lines at all. It’s bloody queer, I tell you.