Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The Time for Talk is Surely Over?

As the clear and obvious threat to Theresa May from her own back benchers looms large, suddenly Michel Barnier comes out to fight her corner. A deal IS possible, he says, while still not actually budging an inch on negotiations. Mrs May is doing a great job trying to reach an accord with her close European partners. We must do nothing which breaks the bonds of our deep friendship, while each doing the very best for our citizens. Schmooze, schmooze, kissy kiss-kiss, look how close we are. What a steaming crock.

This stage managed farce has gone on far too long. It is no accident that these soothing words come as the Swedes have begun to register just how close they are to demographic breakdown; as people are stabbed in Paris; as Londoners go in fear of violent gangs... as Europe begins to rot from the inside, having left its wounds untended, allowing infection to spread and become near untreatable. Even as organs such as the BBC are desperately trying to run their ‘rise of the right’ narrative, people are making it clearer than ever that they have had enough.

South Yorkshire Police, desperate to provide ‘evidence’ for this rise have even gone so far as to solicit false evidence of hate crime in this ridiculous tweet from yesterday: “@syptweet
In addition to reporting hate crime, please report non-crime hate incidents, which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing. Hate will not be tolerated in South Yorkshire.” There is no purpose to this request other than to encourage the inflation of alleged hate-crime incidents and signal to the establishment how complicit they are willing to be in the selling out of the UK to a warped ideological vision.

Multiculturalism has been the EU’s great failure; the narrative about how immigration only ever enriches us and is a necessary antidote to the indolence of our indigenous is staggering in its audacity. It is hard to discuss what has been done without using the word treachery: betrayal of trust. We trusted governments to put our needs first and instead we have been betrayed. And how do these governments behave when the failures of their policies are held up in stark relief? When people are being bombed, stabbed, shot and run over on our own streets? Why, it is our fault, of course.

Ooh, look, it’s the neo-Nazis! They are exploiting your na├»ve distrust of foreigners to persuade you to ignore their beastly ways. Far right terrorist plots have been foiled; it’s not just the muslims, you know?  Odd then, that only those of a certain faith ever seem to break through. If anybody is being exploited it is the useful idiots of the left who will believe such claptrap. Bombarded on all sides by BAME voices telling us that BAME voices are not being heard, they believe the rhetoric and not the fact that visual media is pervaded by the new order; all families are multi-ethnic, all women are empowered.

To watch BBC’s Bodyguard it is clear that the women are in charge throughout, yet the same broadcaster gleefully tells upcoming generations how women are kept down by the male, pale and stale. We are being fed self-fulfilling bullshit with extra helpings standing by, heaped up on groaning trollies. Public organisations are bullied into hiring for diversity rather than for competence and all the time it is the white, normal British who are pushed to the back of every queue. Normal; how dare I use that word? I dare because it is true.

The idiots have a bigger megaphone...

It is time for talk both plain and coarse. It is time a spade became a spade once more and it is time that what normal people see every day is recognised, accepted and confronted. We all know that Boris has only one objective in mind and that is the deification of Boris, but if we have to use him as the blunt instrument to bludgeon democracy back into Parliament, so be it. Our leaders have betrayed us; they must be punished and if it takes the breaking up of both Conservatives and Labour then so be it; it is time to take out the political trash before they trash the country altogether.


  1. I'm no fan of Boris. Yet I see his position, if not character, just as I see Churchill's in 1939. A lone voice, seemingly, pointing the finger at the appeasers. All hoping their cushy lives could be protected under a benign German occupation. Now hidden under the guise of a benign EUSSR. Selmayr the next dictator from Germany.

    1. Well said. Boris might just be the lever to displace May and then we can but hope that once he's had his moment of glory he becomes the nemesis of the EU, takes us out - right out - then either grows into the job or is displaced by a true Conservative, prepared to reform the party back into some shape fit to govern.

  2. It is possible Boris has over done things and lost his chance of being PM. I wonder if JRM is keeping his hands clean of blood at the moment but will be only too happy to be dragged kicking and screaming into number 10?