Saturday, 13 August 2022

A Rush of Blood

Naturally there is outrage over the attempted murder of Salman Rushdie. Leaders throughout the west have come out in utter condemnation of islam and its adherents and untold £billions have now been committed to investigate and eradicate its pernicious effects on the modern world. Politicians have lined up to openly challenge the muslim infiltration of the west with vows to seek out and remove all those who kill, injure, rape or promote hatred in the name of allah.

Obviously, the opening paragraph is a just as much a pack of lies as is islam itself. Instead, guarded comments about extremism and radicalism have been carefully drafted and delivered so as to cause the minimum offence. The supposed ‘peaceful majority’ of muslims have remained obstinately silent because they belong to a cult whose creed is submission, total and unquestioning.

In fact, many voices have been heard to say we mustn’t jump to conclusions, we mustn’t encourage anti-muslim sentiment and we must condemn all who seek to take vengeful matters into their own hands. The arresting police in the USA have even stated that there is no known motive behind the attack. No motive, you cowardly lickspittles, no motive? The unredeemed fatwah, whose bounty for Rushdie’s death was even increased relatively recently. No motive for the attempt which has been openly praised by Iran’s state media? No motive for an action widely celebrated across the muslim sectors of social media?

And what do you make of this spokesman for islam in Britain telling muslims to stay quite because any comment, any media appearance would be a trap? The trap of course is that if you rejoice then you are admitting that islam is a barbaric and backward death-cult, but if you condemn it, you will in turn be fatwah’d by the same barbaric and backward death-cult. Well, excuse us if we take your call for silence as a silent approval.


 As always, our government will await the advice of the muslim council, or brotherhood, or whatever authority they kneel to, before making any kind of a move. They will consult muslim clerics to learn what help and support they require in this, their hour of need. But of one thing you can be absolutely certain, the victim here will turn out to be the islamic community, forever beset by the evils of ‘islamophobia’.

Haven’t we heard enough, had enough, of all this? The religion will not reform; islamic scholars imported from Pakistan will ensure it. Entire communities will continue to be segregated from the population they feed off, their female children unschooled, their wives ignorant of the English language for fear they may hear an alternative doctrine. All we hear about these days are human rights, but within the religion of submission there are no rights except what their perfect model, the child-raping mohammed, decreed.

They even tell us, repeatedly, that they will prevail and that British women, western women, will submit to the veil, that they will rape the infidel women to create bastard muslims, that soon their number will be legion. We hear this, we see it, but by all accounts our governments do not. Is it because they fear the wrath of khan and his cohorts, or is it that they genuinely believe the muslim propaganda that opposing them is worse than the holocaust? Or is it something else altogether?

If the Twin Towers wasn’t enough to open their eyes and the London Bridge attacks and the Lee Rigby killing, and the thousands upon thousands of young girls raped and murdered by Pakistani gangs, and the open aggression visited upon white people in muslim-only zones of former great cities… what chance is there that the attempted murder of a celebrated, knighted author will make any difference? We have to give up any pretence that the government of the UK cares one jot for its rightful citizens.

(*Note for the uninitiated: As I do not believe islam to be a valid entity, I have refused to capitalise islamic terms because only proper nouns need to be capitalised. It is a small protest, but 'tis mine own)