Friday 4 May 2012

Him Mullah?

Being mildly stalked during Question Time, my usual Thursday night shouting-at-the-eejits-on-the-telly session was rendered less fluid as my pursuer wanted to engage in some serious left-right discourse. Attempting to throw him off I made a schoolboy error and invoked Godwin's law, in the form of the throwaway "Hitler was a Leftie" jibe, hoping he'd be dismayed and appalled... and more to the point, leave me alone to get back to the ranting.

I underestimated my assailant because the clever bastard countered with this. Good move, but Oh, my gawd I really wasn't interested. It takes all the fun out of it. (When I'm king there'll be none of this 'discussion' nonsense, I can tell you!)
It's largely irrelevant anyway because, left or right, the 'wings' of politics can only ever achieve a disastrous lack of balance and it's high time we returned to the dead-centre policies of the sainted Maggie.

As the (exhausting) article proclaims, it doesn't really matter what you call it and words are bandied around like confetti in politics, as Alan Massie writes. In fact, earlier this week I had already read this 2011 article by Jasper Copping which reveals the word 'Nazi' to be a linguistic insult. And here, Peter Mullen argues that the Tories have lost their direction and their conservatism, an assertion I tend to agree with.

 But all this brandishing of political labels is mere chaff to distract from the much more serious issue. What,exactly, was Hitler? Left, right, centre, sideways... socialist, facist, liberal, labrador... Whig, Tory, Marxist - who gives a Trot? I returned to the lengthy thesis again this morning and the truth revealed itself to me, as Moses with the ten commandments.

No wonder the man stirs up such enmity, yet such fanatical support from some quarters. He wasn't a fascist after all. he was obviously a Muslim.

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