Saturday 5 May 2012

The Ballad of Red Ken

Red Ken, Red Ken,
Once had his sights on number ten.
But London Mayor would do for now,
How hard could that be anyhow?

Red Ken led out his merry band,
And fought with tactics underhand.
Courting votes despite the views,
Of honest men and wealthy Jews

 The ‘ghostal’ votes of Tower Ham’,
Lets those made up by Lutfur Rahm’,
And any who can be persuaded,
Do the same and vote as they did.

Yet all the dirty tricks and pleading,
All the lies and cheats, misleading,
Tax affairs, still not conceded,
Could not give Ken the boost he needed.

But all for nought, the Twitterati
Exposed his tactics, crashed his party.
Supported Boris as Mayor, so then,
Red Ken is unemployed again.

Read Ken's political obituary in The Guardian


  1. Nicely put. The corruption and fiddling was so very blatant.

  2. A fitting memorial to a hopefully dead political career.

  3. The last photo sums up your ditty perfectly!

  4. Cheers for the comments, folks. It's a happy end to the week isn't it?