Sunday 6 May 2012

Born Free!

"You're a what?" they say, "A blogger? I thought they were imaginary creatures like, you know, like gremlins or hobgoblins... or Star Trek fans."

"Trekkies?" I offer, praying they don't just think it's a posh pronunciation for chavpants, "No, they're real enough." I leave off the unimportant information that I web-log on an almost daily basis. No point in painting yourself into a corner.

"What's the point of them?" they demand to know.

And I respond firmly,"Umm..."

A silence descends while we each ponder the uppers of our footwear or explore the waxiness of our ears. A few undignified seconds tick away before somebody breaks the impasse.

"Well then..."

"Right. Yes."

"Must be, you know, things to,er..."

"Of course. Bye then."

So, the blogger lives to blog again. What do we do and more to the point, why do we do it? Who cares, but just in case you think we really are denizens of a nether world or bots that auto assemble blog content, here's a tiny glimpse into my own personal hell. This has been produced under duress, I'll have you know and every expense has been spared. Warning! If you blink you'll probably miss it!

(This travesty of the video arts has been brought to you by the combined weight of @TrickyBee @nursiedeb @clareyh @rachelradiostar @BibaFever @yummymummy108 and many others. You'll notice, they're all chicks, right?)

Here's the file in .mov format for Apple users:


  1. Ummm black screen with Batsby does blogging on it? Did you get me here under false pretences??? Did ya????

  2. I have no words. That is all.

    1. Yeah, I thought that might be the reaction. :o(

  3. Hilarious! I think you should also rephrase the words on your blog of how this video came to be! Combined weight of ladies is NEVER going to be a good turn of phrase! ps Can I have your autograph?

  4. Oh, I always "weigh" up my words very carefully. It would "weigh" "heavy" on my [hips] mind if I inadvertently caused offence. If I had a "pound" for every time I'd had to balance the "scales" of my argument, I'd have, ooh... plenty of "extra pounds".

    Sorry? What was your question? Autograph? Why, certainly!