Tuesday 22 May 2012

Turkish Delight

I'm not all there, There, that is; where you are. I'm all here, 'here' being Ölüdeniz in Turkey, for a week of tossing myself off a dirty great lump of rock into an azure sky above a turquoise sea, over and over again.

Lest you faint away at the sheer manly audacity and the godlike heroism of my deeds and imagine me to be of superhuman mien and other-wordly prowess, let me let you into a secret. I forgot to re-charge my new camera, so today's footage is a bit, well... rubbish.

But I'm putting it up anyway! This is team-leader, Brian, doing his best cat-herding impression and attempting to brief us "Olly-virgins" at the 1700m take-off.

The flight was terrific, but wind conditions contrived o keep us on the ground a long time before launching - which I did superbly, I might add - and then put us in the bar afterwards. Tomorrow I will do better - promise. until then my blogglings I bid you a balmy sea-breezy farewell and a jolly fine evening.

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