Thursday 24 May 2012

Olly Olly Olly!

Oludeniz - Olly - Turkish paragliding paradise where the cool kids come to play – yay! When I say cool “kids” I am entirely correct in the use of the outmoded vernacular because the average age of yer actual paraglider pilot is, well, it’s about my age. And last time I looked I was in my fifties.

It’s a sport entirely suited to we crusties involving, as it does, a fuck of a lot of sitting around, waiting. Waiting for a ride up the mountain, waiting for a slot in the ever-variable weather, patiently waiting your turn on the crowded take-off. Oh and patiently listening to the far-too-comprehensive site brief from the old hands who forget that at our age it’s nigh-on impossible to take in more than one piece of, er... you know, oh what’s the word I’m looking for? Anyway, here's a pic of the lagoon at Olly taken from my headcam:

At every paragliding destination I have ever been to I have been told “This is the worst weather we’ve ever had! Normally it’s as predictable as night and day and we fly whenever we want, wherever we want!”Last week was always absolutely brilliant and thus typical and somehow this week, the week I am here, is always the worst it’s ever been.

There are only two logical explanations for this; either paraglider tour operators are inveterate liars or I’m a Jonah!

Anyway, despite the “appalling weather” (judge for yourself from the pictures!) we’ve had some spectacular flying. In particular, I’ve not long landed from my sunset flight through clouds, in company and intact, which is always nice.

Away from a decent Internet connection it’s been hard to keep abreast of the news and impossible to engage on Twitter beyond a brief ‘hello’ from time to time. I can’t even upload video via this service – bandwidth of an under-nourished gnat’s pubic hair! As a result, I am entirely unaware of whether or not there is still a Euro, or whether Greece is still a part of it. I have no idea if the Falklands or Gibraltar are still British. I don’t even know how low my pitifully few shares have sunk this week. Instead I have slavishly served the needs of a non-European tourist trap while simultaneously indulging myself - It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.

Normal service will be resumed on my return!